10 Advices For Women Who Correspond With Men

1. Answer his letter at once, as quicke as possible. In such way you could have stable interest with the man. If you will think with your answer during 2-3 days you can loose the man's interest and he can interest with another woman. Quick answer is very important at start of correspondence that is why try to keep tension of passion, men like it very much.

2. Don't tell all information about you at once! Tell it in parts and at the and allude to be continue...If you tell all about you in start of your correspondence it will be uninterested to continue relationship with you.

3.Don't be rectilinear, find interesting words and expressions, defeat the situation, even sometimes translate some phrases with humor. My husband, for e[ample, still remember when I wrote "cool feet " instead of "cool feet"( American language).
I can tell you a lot of such examples.

4. Don't load him with your problems. You will do it late. He can afraid and run off. You must tame him gradually.

5. Don't ask him to give you money and financial help. But if you are offered you will take it indulgently.

6. Don't show that you want from him only it. Give him to understand that you have chose him from the many pretenders to have correspondence with you, because he has such unusual features, nice looking and strong mind. The men like to take compliments.

7. Arise interest to his life and then use this information in your letters. The men like when you are interest with their life. Specially to their entertainments- motocycles, fishing, hunting ( and many others men”s unimportant things).

8. Don't be very serious person because men don't like very serious and with encyclopedia mind women. At a question, do you like to swim in the swimming-pool without any closer, you may answer- “No I like to swim in the coat!” It is better then seriously take this question.

9. Your attitude to the correspondence must be like a play or flirt. A light attitude to the life and possibility to be happy value in the West. Don't forget to show in your questionnaire that you are happy person. In the same reason you must be happy with a smile till the ears at the photos. There were a lot of letters that everybody like a smile. At the end you choose a teacher from the Miami college for her and know she lives very happy.

10. Send interesting photo as many as you can. It is never can be many. They like more to look through your photos than just read your letters.

Darling Ladies! Believe me, I know all about this process because I wrote a lot of letters for many of my friends. While writing the men died from love and burnt with only wish to come to the women and meet her. But these women didn't want to meet with them. I don't know why. It t is interesting for me what kind of letters did the men write to them as they are very difficult people by their nature. The women are much easier.

Good luck in your search.

The Author:
Elena Wyatt (ÑØÀ)

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