10 Situations Where Men And Women Are Totally Different

However you may like to think anything to the contrary, men and women are different. And I'm not talking the obvious differences in physical attributes here. What I'm talking about are differences in attitude and ways of looking at the world. Given the same situation we will behave differently, but in a predictably masculine and feminine way.

I'm a man and I'm writing this article. I have tried to be fair, and my wife has both read and critiqued what I've written here. The truth is that, like most men, I find women baffling and incomprehensible most of the time. The same, of course, is true of women when they think about men.

The main reason for the difference is that men tend to be coldly logical about things and women tend to think more with their feelings and emotions. I'm not saying that women are 'emotional' in any kind of pejorative sense here, it's just that women's way of thinking is more tied to their hearts and emotions than is true for men.

It's these two modes of thinking that get men and women on the wrong foot with one another. And I'm as guilty as anyone. I know that women think differently and I even understand the difference, but it's not my mode of thinking so, like every other man on the planet I fall into the traps below:

1) Anger: We all get angry at one time or another, but when such feelings enter a relationship a woman will want to repair the situation or problem before any sex. However, a man will think that making love will make it all right again.

2) Touching: I like to cuddle my wife, but outside this special relationship the way men and women think about this kind of intimacy is very different. For women touching without sex is comforting and very soothing. They find that the the simple act of human contact gives them a warm feeling of security. However for men touching without sex can easily be misunderstood and the man can even feel threatened.

Of course men do touch each other, but his is invariably in a rough and tumble kind of manner. They slap or punch each other on the back or upper arm. Tender touching makes many men feel vulnerable and dependent. We have been taught over the years that we have to be seen by other men to be un masculine. Many men find intimate closeness very uncumfortable and it makes them feel vulnerable.

3) The Telephone: For men the telephone or mobile phone is seen only as a communication device. It is to send short messages containing real or useful information to each other.

Women, on the other hand, see the telephone very differently. They use it to keep in touch with their friends and use it to support, helping and grow relationships. They are more interested in people and feelings than objects such as telephones and the latest video games.

4) Sex: This one really is down to physiological differences... When it comes to foreplay, women prefer 40-45 minutes of foreplay. However men on the other hand prefer 40-45 seconds of foreplay before sex. This is all about finding out what turns each other on and giving to your partner. A 'quickie' for you man every now and then and a long bout of foreplay and gentle loving for your woman.

5) Going out: When a man says he is ready to go out, it means he is ready to go out. However when a woman says she is ready to go out, it means she is ready, as soon as she finds her other piece of jewellery and makes just one more phone call!

6) Shopping: Women can shop all day and enjoy the whole experience. Its a chance to talk and to meet others. They use this to build and sustain connections with other people. However men just want to finish and close the situation. Its their nature... This is often the cause of many arguments but it's all down to the differences in the way men and women think.

7) Bathrooms: On average a man will have at most 8 items in his bathroom. A woman on the other hand has over 200 items in her bathroom, most of which a many will be hard-pressed to identify and name!

8) Dressing up: A woman will dress up to go shopping, gardening, answer the phone, or get the post. She wants to look beautiful in the clothes she's in. A man will dress up for weddings and funerals, he wants to be comfortable in the clothes he's in.

9) Children: A woman knows all about her children. She will know the numbers of their dentists and doctors, the names of their children, their friends and their friends' parents. She will know the birthdays of all her children's friends. Most men, though not as many as years ago, are simply aware of some short people sharing his home.

10) Toys: Little girls love to play with toys, but when they reach about their 12th birthday they seem to lose the interest. However, men NEVER grow out of their obsession with toys. As they get older, the toys simply get more expensive, extravagant and technical (and, yes, this does apply to the family car).

Let's face it men and women behave and think differently. You, both of you, have to bear this in mind. You will not find any middle ground on many of the points above but you will have to learn to live with one another and to do what the other person likes every now and then. So, men when you go shopping tag along with your partner (even if it is for the whole day). But, women, remember that men hate the whole shopping experience so once in a while give him the list and let him do the '30-second lightning shop'. The same applies for all those things where men and women think and behave differently. Learn about one another, you'll find it's a fascinating experience!

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