10 Steps To Flirt

1.Take a Bath. Are you scaring people away before you have a chance to flirt? When was the last time you took a shower… with soap? Seriously, we’re just trying to help so let’s start with being honest. What are you wearing? What does your breath smell like? Remember, breath mints are your friend. Bottom line: do a smell test before you start to flirt with anyone.

2.Chill. Flirting should be relaxed and fun, so just chill. It’s is a way to get to know someone so don’t take it seriously. If something more happens, great. If not, move on and flirt with someone else – there are plenty of fish in the sea.

3.Smile. Smile’s are contagious. You smile, they smile. It’s hard to ignore a smile so start flirting with a smile.

4.Body Language. Body language is king. Check out the body language of the person you are trying to flirt with. Are their hands folded over their chest? Or, are they sending you the vibe? You know what we mean so check your gut and go with the flow.

5.Eye Contact. Don’t freak them out by stalking them with your eyes. That is not the way to flirt. You know what we mean. Just show them the luv by making eye contact and then looking away. You’ll know if they are interested. No drooling either.

6.Take the Lead. In order to get what you want in life you gotta go for it, right? Get up there and flirt. Start a conversation. Pick a topic. Don’t make things too personal but don’t be a cheese ball and ask about the weather either.

7.Listen. Make the person you are talking to feel like they are the most important thing on the planet. Focus on them. Listen. You got two ears and one mouth - use them in proportion. You’d be surprised how easy it is to flirt if you just focus on the other person and listen to what they are saying.

8.Build Trust. Share something personal about yourself to build trust. Then let them share. The more you give, the more they give. Also, no diarrhea of the mouth please - given them a chance to talk. Don’t cut them off.

9.Focus. People love to talk about themselves so focus on what they want to talk about. The more you focus on them the more they will like you and the easier it will be to flirt with them.

10.Close the Deal. So, what's next? That's up to you ...

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