10 Stupid Reasons To Get Married

Marriage between two people who love and respect each other is a wonderful thing. However, we all know that not all marriages work out. Even people who are deeply in love when they start a new life together don't always have what it takes to make the relationship work. So, why set yourself up for failure by marrying someone for all the wrong reasons?

You need to ask yourself some pre marriage questions to decide if you're getting married for the right reasons. Are you truly in love with your partner, or are you mostly getting married out of a sense of obligation or because you want to a sense of fulfillment?

Here's a list of dumb reasons to get married:

1. All my friends are getting married!

It can be discouraging to watch all your friends get married and start families of their own. You might start feeling as though you've been left behind, especially since married couples have a tendency to hang out with other couples. However, this is not a good reason to get married.

2. I want a baby.

It's natural to want children, and by all means you should try to find someone who wants to start a family with you. But it's stupid to "settle" on someone just because your biological clock is ticking. Your children deserve to have parents who love and support each other.

3. I want to improve our relationship.

If the relationship is already going down the toilet, you can be sure marriage won't save it. If anything, getting married will worsen the situation. From there you can expect a downward spiral to divorce.

4. I want to plan my wedding!

Women are notorious for dreaming about their fairy tale princess weddings from girlhood. Wearing a fancy white dress and being princess for the day is fun. However, a wedding is secondary to the marriage. What's the use of having a perfect wedding if the marriage falls apart?

5. I want to get out of my parents' house.

If you're dying to get out from other your parents' thumb, here's a better idea: Get a good job, make enough money to support yourself, and move out. If you can't afford to move out, try to find a roommate.

6. I want to have sex.

This doesn't seem to be an issue for most people in today's society, but there are still cultures and religious groups that require you to keep your virginity intact until your wedding night. If that's the plan, fine, but don't let your hormones get the better of you. Sex is only a small part of marriage. Most of the work that goes into making a marriage successful happens with your clothes on.

7. I don't want to say no.

If your gut says "no," don't commit! Don't ignore the nagging doubts. Your intuition may be trying to tell you something. If you aren't really in love and you don't feel like you can wholeheartedly give yourself to your partner, you shouldn't be getting married. You may very well end up hurting your partner's feelings, but it would be even more cruel to go against your better judgment and then end up divorcing later.

8. I want to feel secure.

Marriage is not a one-way ticket to lifelong security. Don't count on anyone else to take care of you.

9. We've been together for a long time.

If you've been together for years, getting married might seem like the next logical step. But do you truly love this person, or have you just gotten comfortable? Getting married so that people will stop asking when you two will finally tie the knot is a bad idea.

10. I want to please my family.

So what if your mother is badgering you to get married and give her some grandchildren? You're the one who has to live your life. If you end up making the worst mistake of your life and marrying an ogre, who's going to suffer from the consequences? You, or your nagging mother?

If you're thinking about getting married for any of the above reasons, the best thing to do is simply wait. Putting off marriage doesn't automatically mean you have to end the relationship.

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