101 Ways To Show You Love Somebody (Without Having Sex)

1.Tell the other person that you love them

2.Give or get a hug

3.Make sure the other person feels important and respected

4.Kiss when people are looking

5.Kiss when people aren't looking

6.Tell the other person that you care

7.Hold hands

8.Go for a long bike ride

9.Give a special present

10.Be there when they need a friend

11.Spend time together

12.Go to see a film

13.Walk arm in arm in the woods

14.Make a special tape of love songs

15.Talk about your feelings

16.Share dreams with each other

17.Snuggle up together

18.Sit together in the park

19.Take a walk together

20.Go out for a meal

21.Have a picnic

22.Play a game of frisbee

23.Give compliments

24.Relax in a jacuzzi

25.Go swimming

26.Just be close

27.Go shopping for food

28.Cook a meal together

29.Touch each other in a loving way

30.Do homework together

31.Plan and go on a trip together

32.Throw a party together

33.Bake a cake

34.Go to the library

35.Browse in a museum

36.Just be there

37.Find out what's special for the other person - and do it

38.Exercise together

39.Gaze at each other

40.Wash each other's cars (or bikes !)

41.Go fishing

42.Talk to each other

43.Listen to worries

44.Cut each other's toenails

45.Choose a special favourite song

46.Listen to joys

47.Hold one another close

48.Catch their eye

49.Write one another letters

50.Talk on the telephone

51.Trust one another

52.Give or receive a ring

53.Meet each other's family

54.Go hiking together

55.Make sacrifices for each other

56.Send chocolates

57.Respect each other

58.Go for a moonlight walk

59.Hide a love note where the other will find it

60.Give each other sexy looks

61.Write a poem

62.Send flowers

63.Eat dinner by candlelight

64.Go to a concert

65.Watch the sunrise together

66.Remember anniversaries

67.Give each other pet names

68.Go sightseeing

69.Rent a video

70.Do things for each other without being asked

71.Propose marriage

72.Whisper something nice into the other's ear

73.Be best friends

74.Have fun together

75.Go out dancing

76.Play music together

77.Flirt with each other

78.Laugh at something funny together

79.Be faithful

80.Impress each other

81.Make a list of things you like about each other

82.Read a book and discuss it

83.Meet each other's friends

84.Go horse riding

85.Cook each other's favourite food

86.Find out what makes each other happy

87.Make presents for each other

88.Wash each other's hair

89.Watch the sunset

90.Go for a bus trip

91.Have a request played on the radio

92.Send a funny card

93.Share your plans for the future

94.Play footsie

95.Share private jokes

96.Think about each other

97.Find out what makes the other sad

98.Go skating

99.Swap rings

100.Share an ice-cream

101.Have your picture taken together

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