27 Ways To Get Your Man

Where and how:

1. If you notice a hot guy at the pub, make your next drink a bottled beer. It will tell him you're down-to-earth, non-high maintenance and he can be himself around you. Plus, the obvious erotic action of wrapping your lips around a long cylindrical object is bound to turn him on.

2. At a bar get in his line of vision to get that all important eye contact. Hold his gaze for two to three seconds - any shorter and he won't realise you're interested; any longer and he might alert the bouncers!

3. Get down to the gym. Not only will there be loads of boys with buff bods there, but where better to showcase you flexibility, demonstrate your stamina and meet a man when his serotonin levels are soaring?

4. At a party walk up and say, ‘Could I talk to you for a couple of minutes? There's someone I'm trying to avoid.' A University study found that this chat up line had a 76% success rate when used on men.

5. Get a lesson in love back in the classroom. A massive 60% of us have found romance whilst learning. It's where footballer Michael Owen met his wife and even where Prince William met Kate Middleton.

6. If you're done with education, check out the talent at work. Research reveals that 10% of us have met a long-term partner in the workplace or had an office affair. You'll never dread Monday mornings again.

7. Have a Highland fling. A new study found that Edinburgh is officially the Tuscany of the UK, with 37% of the people who voted claiming it's the most romantic city in Britain. Plus, if Paolo Nutini and James McAvoy are anything to go by, Scotsmen are HOT.

8. Follow your cycle and go on the pull just before your period. This is when your oestrogen levels are highest making you feel more desirable and seem more approachable - meaning it'll be easier for that shy guy to chat you up.

9. Invest in an A-List outfit that will ensure you get as much male attention as Paris Hilton on a night out. How? By strutting your stuff in her dress! Red carpet gowns from the likes of Paris, Kylie and Naomi Campbell are just a few of the stunning dresses donated to the ‘27 Dresses Celebrity Dress Auction' raising money for The Lavender Trust. Log on to www.ebay.co.uk/27dresses and get bidding for a frock to knock off his socks!

10. Choose your colours carefully. Research proves men and women rate red as the most alluring colour. Men's breathing and heart rates have been found to rise in the presence of strong red colours, leaving them physically aroused and therefore ready for red-hot action!

11. No matter what, a guy's gaze will inevitably wander to your chest so give him something to look at. Stroking your lower neck can stimulate your nipples to become erect. He'll be undressing you with his eyes before you know it.

12. Wear sky-high heels and practise a sexy walk in them. You're legs will look leaner and you'll ooze mistress status. Then, in a busy bar, brush past the guy you want to attract when you strut to the ladies.

13. Be cute but confident. Do you think Samantha in SATC would have been getting so much if she was a shy, retiring type? No. Think you'll get your man and you will.

14. When you're out avoid sticking closely to your pack of friends; step away slightly to show you're available and you'll be more approachable. No man wants to risk being rejected before a crowd of women!

15. Make sure you're scent of choice oozes sex appeal. Don't go over-board but apply a seductive fragrance to the neck's pressure points. When you talk to him and your blood flow increases your body heat will release the fragrance and he'll be drawn in to get a better sniff.

Once you're dating: now's the time to fine tune your technique

16. Find out which football club he supports then get clued up on team talk. Tune into Talk Sport and Soccer AM then scour the team's website's chat rooms to impress him with your knowledge of their winning performance at the Champion's League quarter finals.

17. Prove that the brain can be as sexy an organ as any by writing him a passionate but witty poem or song. It'll show him your attributes are more than merely physical and he'll have new-found respect for you.

18. New research reveals that technology is playing a greater role in the way we flirt, with 57% of us flirting by Instant Messenger and 30% via email. Send him a cheeky pic or a suggestive email. It's effortless e-fection and you won't even have to freshen your breath!

19. Become a Pro Evo expert. A girl who likes computer games, football and something a bit naughtier, is every guy's ideal woman.

20. Cyber-stalk him on Facebook (as if you haven't already) and the next time you see him in person impress him with all your newly-researched knowledge of his interests. Of course, let him know that you fancy him too with a ‘poke'...

Once you're ready to take it further: now's the time to pull out the stops

21. The way to his heart (and other organs) is through his stomach, so cook him a seductive meal using plenty of ingredients with aphrodisiac properties. Start with vodka-spiked cherry tomatoes to lower his inhibitions, then fire him up with mild chilli oysters and end with an offer of dark chocolate body paint for desert!

22. If you're feeling naughty on a night out with him disappear to the toilet and when you return slip your knickers into his pocket! When he works out what you've done he won't be able to get you home fast enough.

23. Take up massage classes then offer to practise on him. And whilst you've got him topless on the bed demonstrate some of your other handy techniques too.

24. If he's a petrol head suggest a spin in his wheels, then with your perfect in-car technique give the lucky guy the joy ride of his life.

25. Show him your wild side and turn up at his house wearing a coat with nothing but stockings and suspenders on underneath. Get him upstairs and reveal all. He'll be more than pleased to see you.

26. Give him a mind blowing orgasm. Research from the University of Manchester revealed that when men experience a body-rippling BIG O they feel more attracted and attached to their partner.

27. Be sure to provide the chase - never make yourself too available. Men and women are much more attractive when they're independent and have an exciting social life. If you drop everything for him you'll either seem like a loner, or a loser that can be taken advantage of. Remember, shadows can be suffocating so save some space if you want to keep hold of him!

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