3 Steps To Land More Women

Women, even the hottest drop dead gorgeous women, are deep down inside very insecure people who possess many inner doubts and fears to deal with. Even they have issues with confidence and self-esteem, as strange as it may appear.

So you see, they are not any different than us guys. We are all humans, after all, and are run on emotion. And that is a principle you need to understand if you ever want to be successful with attracting women.

Given this principle, how do you use it to attract more women? Simple. You need to make women feel good about themselves. Like I said earlier, even the hottest women are insecure deep down inside. It is your job to understand this, and to take action to make them feel good about themselves, and thus, feel comfortable around you.

Boosting a woman's confidence will do wonders for you. Not only will her self-esteem skyrocket, but she might even turn into a completely different person.

That reserved, somewhat icy girl you approached might just open up and become an affectionate, flirtatious girl that wants to "get to know you better." And that is a green light if I ever saw one.

So how do you make women feel better about themselves? These 3 steps are great at doing just that.

1. Be honest and sincere in your initial approach
2. Establish yourself as "Familiar Territory"
3. Get her to the "Safe Zone"

First and foremost, you have to be honest and sincere in your approach. As in the previous articles, we have learned that women can sniff out any pretentious behavior. So remember, you have to be yourself, and by doing so your behavior will be both honest and sincere.

Let's go over your initial approach. When you approach her, walk with confidence and NOT arrogance. Keep your chest up, and have a pleasant look on your face. Be open; "closed" behavior will only turn her off.

Next, you want to establish yourself as "familiar territory." What I mean by that is you want to create a relationship between the two of you. Not a relationship in the sense of dating, but a connection between two people that can be built upon.

When you finally get to the girl, you need to open with a casual line that does not focus on her. You are just asking for failure if you go up to her, and say something like, "You are so hot and I just had to talk to you." That's definitely not what you want to say.

You want to start off with something neutral, maybe something about the environment you are both in. If you are in a coffee shop, maybe you can open up with something such as, "They make some strong coffee in this joint. It gives me that 'pick-me-up' that I'm looking for." That creates common ground between the two of you, breaks the ice casually, and gives her an opportunity to respond. This establishes you as familiar territory and creates a relationship in the process. And isn't that what you really wanted to do in the first place?

After you have successfully established yourself as familiar territory, you can then move on to designating yourself as the "safe zone." Don't get this confused with entering the "friends zone." That is a NO-NO!

The safe zone in this case means a place where women feel genuinely comfortable with you and can be themselves. When a woman is in the safe zone, she feels good about herself and confident. Because of this, she will be more open to you and your GAME. And this is where you want her to be.

So how do you get her to be in the safe zone? Because you already have established yourself as someone she can have a conversation with and have created a relationship, she will be more open to what you say. Now is the time to really kick up the efforts.

Earlier in Step 2, I told you not to focus on her immediately. That is because you have not created a relationship. Since you have already done that, it is time to build upon that foundation. This is the time when you can bring in the big guns and drop some flirtatious language. Not cheesy lines, but maybe give her a compliment on her outfit or smile. If she is receptive to your compliments, you have gotten her to the safe zone.

Given her reaction, you can gauge how heavy your flirtatiousness should be. You don't want to lay it on too heavy, but just enough to let her know that you are interested. Keep the conversation going for a couple minutes, and then prepare to get her contact information.

Whether or not the conversation is going well, the shorter the initial conversation with her the better. You don't want to wear out your welcome so soon, and definitely want to leave her wanting more. So usually tell her that you have to be somewhere, but would like to continue this conversation again. Ask for her number and then take off.

If done properly, getting her number will only be a formality, as she is in her safe zone.

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