37 Reasons Why Housework Must Be Done

After married, what will happen to the newly-married when both of them do not do any housework in the past?

What will happen to their kids?

I remembered one of my female friends who told me that her mom’s cooking was one of the worst in the world. She doesn’t even know how to light the stove.

These poor children were so deprived of their mothers’ cooking. They have everything in the world but they had never tasted what home-cooked food is like.

That is pathetic, isn’t it?

So, I urged that newly-married couples must do the housework and not outsource it in any way from engaging their mothers’ maids to clean up their house once a week or eating outside food for 365 days in a year.

I know doing housework may not seem to be part of the wedding contract. But welcome to the reality. You are going to move into your new house and there bound to be housework to be done because it is a house unless the house can work by itself and it is not mostly to be.

So, wedding couples, after their weddings, really have no choice but to do their houseworks, whether they like it or not.

So here are 37 reasons to help you justify why housework must be done:

1. Increase sense of ownership of the house
2. No one, except yourself, knows what can be thrown or not
3. Up-keeping of hygiene
4. Do you want to have cockraoches as pets? If not, you know what you need to do.
5. Bonding between husbands and wives
6. Learning to delegate tasks
7. Practice assigning responsibilty e.g. wife cooks and husband washes the dishes
8. Something to look forward to at the end of the week
9. Exercising time
10. Can help to reduce your tummy and it is FREE!!!
11. Found something nostalgic while clearing your storeroom. (wow…this is what I gave her in courtship times and she still keeps it.)
12. Expression of consideration to other party (Help tidy up his study room if you know he is sensitive to dusty environment.)
13. Makes the house look more pleasant and looks less like a zoo
14. An opportunty to chit-chat
15. Learn more about each other’s habits and characteristics
16. Learn more about each other’s likes and dislikes (now then I know she hates to cook)
17. Help her to more easily look for her stuff after you tidied her cupboard (another way of expressing love.)
18. You may be expecting guests visit?
19. Your in-laws may come and spot check any time? (and see if you are a good wife as promised…haha.)
20. You may find a dead cockraoch underneath your mattress and you need to dispose of.
21. Clean environment for children to grow up in
22. Cleaner environment may be equivalent to calmer mood and less quarrel
23. Ironing of clothes for husbands make him feel good too when they wear the clothes (they feel empowered!!!)
24. Take turns to do housework if one is too busy, say during this period of time
25. When babies are around, do look out for small objects on the floor that they think is food
26. You won’t want your dog’s fur to be everywhere and even on your working attire
27. Use the chance to check if your spouse’s clothes are torn ( or have other women’s lip sticks? )
28. Check if any electrical appliance is faulty and family members may get electrocuted
29. Do it because you have to do it
30. Do it because it is your role
31. Do it because it is your house
32. Do it because no one else at home is doing it
33. Do it so that you can teach your children (Can you imagine asking your child to sweep the floor and you have never done it in your life?)
34. Learn to cook some dishes so that your child can taste what mother’s cooking is like
35. Do housework to save money from hiring domestic helper
36. Sweep the floor really clean or else the baby will start licking the dust
37. Do it simply the house belongs to no one else, except you and your wife. (If no one takes care of it, you will have to do it.)

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