4 Men Types You Could Meet In Site


The photos of such man aren't high-quality and professional as well. It is very difficult to make out theirs faces but in such photos you can meet come interesting and gay details such as animals or merry views. Theirs poses and mimicry are slack and the dress isn't very tidy. Such men are inclined to be fat. They fill in anyhow the questionnaire. They can ignore a lot of basic questions but write any joke or merry story from theirs life. Such men are like big children. They are sincere, ingenuous and sociable. Its not a problem for them if they meet the language barrier between people and with eases contact with children and animals. They don't earn million because of theirs laziness but they don't die from hunger because they have a lot of friends. In sex they are not very excitable but loving and playful like a cat . They are not very exacting with women's age and appearance but they couldn't bear the harshness, distrust , lie, higher and gruff voice. In woman they want to see a true friend and attentive mother. In communicating with such men we can meet a little problem because of the lack of theirs organization. They can loose your telephone number or any another information about you or they forget to send a letter. Don't take offence at them and remind of you more seldom, of course if you are interested with this man.


These men don't loose a chance to show theirs progress and success. They are photographed in a prestigious dress, near or in expensive cars and near the luxurious villas, at the own yacht or in the pick of the mountain with the snowboard. The faces show confidence and take a proprietary interest in life and the body always will be in a good shape independently of the age. In the questionnaire they enumerate all theirs regalia, diplomas and progresses. Sometimes they play down like women theirs weigh and age but the other way overstate the heigh. The main thing – they never miss any point in the section man's requests. Such men are active and energetic. They are anxious for success in the career development and work a lot. As a rest they prefer extreme sport. With all theirs cruelty they can be generous and magnanimous with women but only till she unconditionally takes theirs position “above”. In sex they are not very attentive and loving, they prefer to measure their advantage with size and hardness of the main man's organ, and in result they often abuse with medicine and different kind of procedure. To aspire to own the most prestige -they present the most strong measures of choice a woman. Certainly she must be with model appearance and model age and it isn't shameful to show her your friends and colleges. The problem with such men is that they never take up only one candidature. That is why be ready to pass the casting and engage in competition with another women.


The photos of these men look like a photo on document. The image is clear, the foreshortening is upright, the pose and mimicry are static, there is no unneeded details in still. They look exaggeratedly, neatly and serious. They take with difficulty modern ways that is why theirs profile arise some nostalgia in “retro” style. They are sure that their marriage is the rather serious thing that's why the attitude to full in the questionnaire seriously. They have not practically no one of the thin line, the answers are brief, poor and concrete. They definitely and grammatically use the language that is why there is no any problem in mail translators with “understanding” their questionnaires and letter. Such men are punctual, responsible and respectable. In such Russian conditional changes they feel not very comfortable because of not enough flexibility as for the countries stable life they take not a high but firm place. They are prudent and provident, there for they don't spend a lot of money for women, as the relationship is not define yet but they consider it as their duty is to keep a family. It is impossible for them to betray and you will never forgive such things. Theirs demands to the women are rather clear. At first they value reliability. As you liked such a man don't try to defence him even in trifles and don't insist to wait for your letter answers for a long time. The most spread problem in acquaintance with a such man is that they try from the very beginning of their letter to promise be true and honest. But it is not a pathologic wish to have a woman but the same need in predictability and definite.

An Artist

The type of these men lay in their untypical. Their photos can not be differ of high quality but there is a skill idea and art view in every of them. They easily change their image that is why sometimes you think that there are different people on these photos. They have skeptical attitude to the formal questions and psychological tests there for they always try to pass through these parts of the questionnaire. But in a long answers where nothing disturb you, they write such difficulties that only owing to a good English knowledge, it is difficult to understand them. Such men don't always work as painters, musicians or artists but you can find out their artistic nature in everything. They don't like standard decisions and don't know what a hopeless situation looks like, like experiments and it is easy for them to occupy new professions. In communications with women, the main need is to be like and admire. That is why if they earn a little bit they can take care great of the women and they always try to give a great pleasure to their partners in intimate relationships. They have not high demands to the women as they always stay at the first place for themselves. The only thing that they need from the women is continuous admiring to their constant advantages. The typical problem in acquittance with a such man is that their behaviour reminds of more women's than men's. Instead of achieve the women they demonstrate themselves in everything, intrigue, and then take waiting position. If you like such a man don't wait when he will like you.

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