5 Golden Rules To Successful Marriage

By Sayan Liyanage

Love Romance Dating Guru

If you want and wish to have a lasting marriage with true happiness..!

I think this is a very relevant issue considering the present time. If you just look around you, you will see more and more failed, unhappy marriages where most of them end up in divorce with extremely painful and heart broken nature. It really is a pity, don't you think..?

Nowadays if you take 100 couples who are married, more than 50% will end up in divorce. This is such a shame. Because where family should be the most important and valuable thing in man's life, most of them destroy their entire happiness in life by simply and completely misunderstanding the Happy marriage formula.

Now have any of you heard about that before..? Hmmmm I doubt. But that's exactly where all of us confuse our selves and end up in absolute misery and pain.

So what exactly is this happy marriage formula..? This is something most of us never take in to consideration before we hit the big knot. And it's mainly due to lack of experience and lack of knowledge or should I say ignorance..!! Let me clear this to you using a day to day practical example.

Imagine your sitting for a very important exam in your life. And every one knows that if you want to pass the exam with flying colors you should study extremely well in the relevant subject areas.

Otherwise there's no way one could pass the exam with flying colors. And this is where cause and effect relationship comes to action. If you want it to be an extremely good effect or a result as far as the exam is concern, first you must understand the cause. And then You have to take effective action to turn that particular cause in to some thing good.

So if the exam is your cause,. either pass or failure will be the effect. If you study well,. you will pass, and if you fool around you will fail the exam.

Just as the above example, in order to live a happy successful marriage, you must understand the cause and effect relationship which leads to a blissful marriage. So what exactly is the cause and effect relationship in a marriage…? Take your time and think for while, what are the things that could help you to have a very successful marriage..?

Now i am just wondering how many of us think this through and understand the importance of this before we get married.

Here are FIVE most critically important factors that will decide whether you will have the most beautiful marriage or whether you will end up in total emotional chaos. The point is all of us wants to be happy and we hate to be in misery and disappointment.

Happy marriage formula:

1.First thing you must decide is to, "What exactly you want in your life" (As far as the relationships are concerned)

2.Determine your own self and then determine your type of Man or woman who best fit into your personality, character etc

3.Find the right person who's compatible to you the most and be the best friends before fall in love.

4.Get more close to them and take your time to know them really well (Understanding is the foundation to true love)

5.Fall in love but take at least 2 years to study and discover the real man or the woman in your partner before get married.

Now if you juts think of yourself, have you ever followed this formula in your love life..? Have you..? What is your current situation..? Are u married or are you in the most important stage of discovering your partner's true self before getting married..?

What ever it is, today's society is completely off the track, Their like some group of people who has no moral values and principles in their lives.

Someone once lived long ago defined this type of people "A man without meaning to his life is like an empty bucket without water in it,." Its so empty and no one has any sort of importance from an empty bucket. It's worthless, useless and has no value.

Now back then it was referred to just one man, but after thousand's of years now we have reached an era where we have to apply that saying not juts to a one man, but into an entire society. How disappointing and how sad!!!

A beautiful family life is one of the most remarkable things you can have in your life time. And it is the golden signature of any successful man or a woman. It is an essential part of human evolution. It's a natural thing. But we slowly keep our self distant from one of the most unbelievably beautiful things that mother nature has offered us. Please don't let it happen that way. Take above Marriage formula in to your deep consideration and think it through really well. And determine to have the most blissful and happy marriage life. You will be happy for the rest of your life.

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