5 Ways To Attract A Man

Too many women have trouble attracting the men they desire. They get frustrated watching all the "good men" get hitched by their competitors, even though they have all the characteristics to be a great girlfriend. But there things that can help women capture the man of their dreams. Here are five tips for getting off to a successful start.

Be Confident

Beyond physical characteristics, confidence is the second most common attribute that men look for in women. No man wants to spend his days with someone who lacks the desire to achieve their dreams. This is why is so important to portray yourself as a confident women who is ready to get the most out of life. Don't be afraid to talk about your goals and where you see yourself in the future. Men like to visualize how things will be down the road, and they want a strong woman with high expectations.

Get in His Network

It is not always easy to approach a guy you don't know personally, and sometimes it is easier to enter through the back door. If you are having trouble getting access to your dream date, try to identify a common friend or co-worker you both know. Even if you can't find a common link, it is often easier to introduce yourself to third party that you don't have strong feelings for. You can then use them to get some face-time with your target man.

Build Mystery

Just like a good book, a strong attraction builds slowly with surprises around every corner. Don't share all of intimate secrets with your man in the first week of meeting him. Give him some incentive to come back for more by suggesting things in the future. You also want to flirt and tease him gently. End each encounter with a feeling of expectation for the next time you meet.

Be Attractive

If you don't feel comfortable with your appearance then it will definitely show through in your actions. Thus you should pay careful attention to how you look around your dream guy. Don't go overboard, but take some time to plan how you will dress and act around your man in each possible situation. Perception is everything, and while you want to be noticed, you also want to convey the right message at all times.

Learn More

You should be keeping a mental inventory of the way your man dresses, what he likes, and what he dislikes. The first few encounters set the tone for the rest of your relationship. Learn everything you can about him by listening to what he talks about, paying attention to his actions, and talking with others who know him. Even the smallest nugget of information could mean the difference between impressing him and having him run in the other direction.

Attracting a man is doesn't have to be rocket science if you plan a successful strategy. The key is to always consider what type of reaction your actions will generate. By creating a confident and inviting persona for yourself, you can captivate any man's attention. From there you need to plan each step of your approach, being careful not to do anything that will hurt your chances of taking it to the next level.

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