50 Reasons Why We Love Men

Men – they are sexy, sweet and wonderful. We believe that after all this 'persecution', it's the time to celebrate the masculine half of the mankind and to appreciate all the ways in which they make us smile, they satisfy our fantasies and excite out hearts.

Women have drawn a list of 50 reasons why they love men. It is also a perfect excuse for those that have found a real guy and they want to thank him, in the simplest way possible.

Men – they are sexy, sweet and wonderful. We believe that after all this 'persecution', it's the time to celebrate the masculine half of the mankind and to appreciate all the ways in which they make us smile, they satisfy our fantasies and excite out hearts.

Forget about when he accidentally spilled red wine on your new dress! Find in this list at least a few reasons that make you understand that without men, your life wouldn't be so special.

1. The way he looks after he gets out of the shower, wet, with a towel around his thighs;

2. The way he cooks spaghetti for dinner and takes that victorious position;

3. His basset- hound voice, when he wakes up in the morning;

4. The uncensored discussion about how good you are in bed - discussions that he starts during films on TV, games, funeral ... in fact, anytime and anywhere.

5. The fake voice he has when he interprets famous songs in the shower.

6. The weird hair he has when waking up in the morning;

7. The moments in which, when you touch him with your leg under the table, at the restaurant, he looses instantly 75% of the functional capacities of the brain;

8. The way in which he licks his fingers, very deeply, when he eats fish, chicken, sweets and other sticky foods;

9. The way he touches you when you expect the least;

10. The quick change of looks while you're kissing each other;

11. The way he talks, very tough and masculine with his friends and how he turns his voice the next moment in milk and honey to ask you out;

12. The total lack of interest he manifests when you tell him about the gossip from your work place;

13. His inaccurate, scribbled or elegant hand write that always shows he's a man (and even better if his write covers a love letter for you);

14. His shorts;

15. The rush he slinks into the bed next to you and takes you in his arms with a brutal gesture like ‘I- Tarzan, you - Jane.'

16. Jude Law, Brad Pitt, Heath Ledger.

17. Their endless obsession for breasts;

18. The way he offers you his jacket when you're cold, even if he remains in a shirt and you have a thick wool sweater.

19. His easy and pure male style to solve the quarrels you have with your friends.

20. The way in which he can't believe how soft is your hair when he plays with it;

21. The way he always forgets, by pure coincidence, an open button to his trousers;

22. It's even more amazing when it's about a percussion cap;

23. The courteous way in which he takes off his watch and put it on the nightstand, before a sex play, in order not to hurt you;

24. The finger he moves on his head when he thinks very intensively;

25. His crate of beer;

26. The way in which, with a 'discreet' gesture, he changes his plate with yours at the restaurant, when he doesn't like the food;

27. The great feeling of being kissed on the neck;

28. The way he defends you in front of your mother, even if you had a fight until that moment;

29. That tensed attitude he takes when he tries to open your bra;

30. The way in which he starts to fix by his own will, but without success, in general: the hair drier, the drawer, the stereo, the sink in kitchen...

31. The simple way he tries to cheer you up when you're upset, taking a fool face and doing all kind of gestures to make you laugh.

32. The moment when he goes voluntarily to buy you something from the market, even if you know how much he hates the lines in front of the register.

33. The way he takes off his shirt- always wrong - without the slightest intention of being sexy. And yet, he is...

34. The way in which he gets hurt and how well he stands the hits and wounds, which he caused when fixing his motorbike...And how easy he faints when it comes about some simple blood tests;

35. The way he always writes with small letters the emails he sends you to your desk, that entertain you throughout the day.

36. Those embarrassing moments when he acts silly and tries to take off your panties with his teeth;

37. When you sit in his arms and ask him if you're not too heavy and the eternal macho answers: 'No, you're like a snow flake. Stay!'

38. The way he reacts when he watches a football game, as if his entire life would depend on the score;

39. The sensation you have when you feel his fine, clean and fresh shaved cheek;

40. A beard of two days is similar, after you pass over your irritated skin;

41. The way you say him that you don't like to kiss him in the morning before washing your teeth; and he answers that doesn't care and kisses you anyway;

42. His funny gestures he does when shaving;

43. The way he says that's: 'very cooool', when your in an embarrassing situation;

44. That hypnotized look that says: 'You're good!', when you get naked in his presence;

45. The way he walks next to you, with his arm around your waist, showing you the way among the people at a party: a fine gesture of possession and tenderness;

46. The way in which he says your name as loud as he can when you make love, as it would be the only word from the dictionary;

47. The fact that he gets dressed in no more than 4 minutes and 30 seconds, no matter if you're going to the beach or to the most luxurious party;

48. The way he tries to ensure you that he knows what he's doing, even when he finds in a place where he feels lost and where nothing seems familiar;

49. The stupid way in which he become jealous when a waiter, a merchant or anyone else on the street looks at you.

50. The discreet smell of tobacco and after shave you feel in his palms when he keeps your face in his hands to kiss you.

But the list always remains open...

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