7 Signs You Are Not Ready For Marriage

Reaching the enviable marriage climax of your relationship? Ask yourself some questions before walking down the aisle.

Marriage is the ultimate act of commitment. It's an act that some will never be ready for, no matter how hard they try. But how do people really know when they are ready to take that leap of faith and say "I do"? This realization varies from person to person but one thing is true: if you do one or more of the following things, please think long and hard before saying those magic words.

Multiple Partners

Marriage entails monogamy, not polygamy. If you cannot picture a life of fidelity then you should not picture a life with marriage. And I'm not just talking about strictly physical affairs, either. Emotional affairs are deemed adultery as well, and for many, it is far worse than empty physical enjoyment.

If you are unable to say goodbye to those dangling one-night stands, friends with benefits or casual relationships, then do not get married!

The Single Aura

Some people can't help the vibe they give off or the assumptions others may have of their behaviour. However, there is an appropriate way to act and speak when involved in a serious relationship. I am not suggesting you paste an "I'm taken" bumper sticker to your forehead. What I am saying is although it is easy to be caught up in a moment when your mate is not there, you should keep him or her in mind when you are out with your friends or by yourself.

Use your discretion and most of all, know when too far is really too far - if you don't know that limit, then do not get married!


There is nothing wrong with being independent; however, you can't expect your new wife to be comfortable with your college bachelor pad. Marriage is a major lifestyle step; you need to accept the reality that a great deal of changes will come into play for both you and your mate to enable a compromise that will cater to both your needs.

If you can't fathom re-decorating even an inch of your home for your mate or purchasing a family car for the future, then do not get married!

Physical Attraction

As people grow older together, they tend to change for the worst, physically. Most people gain weight with age. However, when you truly love someone you fail to see them for their physical flaws. If the physical flaws of your mate are beginning to be less subtle and more obvious, to the point where you are starting to be less attracted to them sexually, there is a problem. This weaker attraction will continue to grow and if it bothers you to that extent, do not get married!

Your Future

In order to have a fulfilling marriage, you must make sure that you are comfortable and have a clear vision of your future. If not, you will be unable to have a healthy marriage.

Everyone has baggage; however, marriage is a new chapter of your life that should not be filled with major burdens from your past. You as a person should not harbour large amounts of baggage at marriage because it will only cause negativity.

If you are unable to alleviate your burdens to the point that you are a stable person, then do not get married!

The Marriage Age

When people reach a certain age, a red light goes off in their head that translates into a desperation to get married. Do not feel the need to get married just because you think it is the "right" thing to do as deemed by society.

You are treading on very shaking ground if you take on this mentality. You may end up marrying someone spontaneously. Marriage is just a word that makes a commitment legal. There are many couples who have been common-law partners for years and they are doing just fine. If you feel yourself getting to this point of desperation, please do not get married!


Being with one person for a number of years creates comfort and people tend to stay in comfortable situations even when they know it's best to move on. Most of us are scared to explore the unknown by starting over again with someone else.

The worst reason to get married is the "settling" mentality. If you currently feel you can do much better than your mate, then do not get married!

feeling the pressure?

If your mate is throwing ultimatums your way and forcing you into a life-long commitment that you aren't ready for, don't surrender to the pressure. Instead, explain that you are simply not ready. If he or she can't accept that, you should be thankful you took my advice and did not get married.

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