7 Tips On How To Flirt With Your Boss

For many women, the best place to find love and romance is in the workplace. Apart from knowing the men in the office, the workplace is also a more convenient venue to search for romance. But for some women, an ordinary office guy is not enough. Many think that if you have to hunt for love in your company, you might as well go for the big fish - your boss.

This may not be easy. But to ensure your success of catching your boss' attention, here are a few important tips.

1. Take Your Instincts As Your Guide

More often than not, your instincts can guide you in finding true love and romance, not only in the workplace, but in any environment for that matter. Your instincts can very well give you inkling as to who in your office can be the perfect match for you - and right now, it's your boss. Sure, some people say that you should put some thoughts about whom you should fall in love and start a relationship with. But in order for those thoughts to spark, you always begin with your instincts. So in a way, you might as well trust it.

2. Know The Rules

Some companies prohibit in-house relationships just like certain government units. And they'll tell you it's all about minimizing your chances of conniving with other employees, much less with your boss. Worse, companies are also afraid that you will turn your cubicle into your very own tunnel of love. So before you even press that FLIRT button, you should consider your company's policies regarding office romance.

3. Weigh Your Chances

If the company you are working with is open for romantic relationships, then you are definitely in luck. However, if your organization is strict about having Romeos and Juliets in the workplace, then it's time for you to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of starting a relationship with your boss.

This may come very early in this list of tips, but knowing the pros and cons of flirting with your boss right before you even start can save your neck, or in this case, your job. And don't forget about other issues like gossips, embarrassment in front of a lot of people, or being misunderstood by your colleagues.

4. Pull The Trigger

After you have placed your trust on your instincts and considered that all the important aspects surrounding your flirtatious plan are in your favor, then by all means, pull the trigger. In other words, engage the object of your desire who, in your case, is your boss. No amount of planning or instincts can help you in this department. Your sheer will and determination will be the force that will walk you to your boss' door, everyday until he notices you.

5. Communicate

Ordinarily, communication means talking with another person. But when it comes to flirting, you can't go directly to your boss and tell him how much you like him. And that's because going in-your-face with romance is a sure way to rub off the magic and fun. Besides, it is a good bet that you will be too shy to even talk to him about your feelings.

When flirting, your best communication tool is body language. If you want to reach out to your boss and see if he feels the same way for you, do so using eye contact and discreet but genuine smiles. The occasional grazes on the arms can also show him your intentions without shocking him. You may be tempted to toss your hair frequently, but he will admire you more if you show him that you are confident and professional at work.

6. Be Professional

Flirting with your boss or starting a romantic relationship in the workplace has its own advantages. But always keep in mind that you both have work to do. So always maintain professional courtesy, especially if you are in your office. You boss will surely appreciate it -- and admire you -- if you can perform your duties well.

7. Mind How You Look

Let's face it, if you really want to be flirtatious you have to be beautiful, at least in your boss' eyes. So make sure that you come in the office wearing nice clothes and looking great. There's no point in catching your boss' attention if you are not even worth looking at.

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