A Good Kiss Is Better Than Sex.

Many people know that the kiss for the most of the women is better than sex. Two groups of German and Austrian sexologists carried out the detail research and found out all things about the kiss. 514 volunteer were questioned from 16 till 90 years old. And it turned out that a kiss for men is a necessary exercise before the determined attack. But the women is the more romantic nature and they consider that the kiss is more than sex draw partners together. Many women fall in love with those who they kissed – that is why sex-professional women – prostitutes try not to kiss with their clients as they are afraid to get used to them.

Two thirds of women are sure that a man who can kiss very nice – is a beautiful lover, and almost half of the questioned women think : “A nice lover is more than copulation “. But
two thirds of men consider that love is more important than sex.

“Men can live without kisses at all”, - decide the authors of researches.

But the meticulous scientists did not stop at this and proved that kisses are very important for the health. (It is clear that men had all reasons not to refuse in kissing to the women). That is why the most simple kiss bring down the pressure in blood, to decrease infarction risk, strengthen immunity : bacteria of partners which he pass to you train the immunity system very much. Plus a face massage : during the kiss work 25 face muscles and it is also very important for the general tone.

But it is nice that like to kiss and women do not tease them with it. 56% of questioned women and 44% of men do it with a great pleasure.

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