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Just like any internet-based business, there are scammers out there looking for opportunities to make money off genuine people trying to use genuine internet-based services for one reason or another. Let's face it, we're all dealing with 'strangers' here - The gentlemen using our services don't know who's behind our operation, the ladies know nothing about the gents writing to them ... Of course there are opportunities for deception by scammers.

Recent new legislation in the USA brought matters to a head, requiring all US-based "Marriage Brokers" to clean up their acts, and go through a positive vetting procedure for all their gentlemen clients - Before giving out a foreign lady's personal information, they are now required to obtain details from the gentleman, and carry out various checks on them, including checking the Sex Offenders Register, etc.

We applaud this! Internet-based businesses are, by their very nature, "faceless" - A great opportunity for scammers to take advantage of unsuspecting souls.

So what can we, and you, do to avoid scammers?

SEND NO MONEY! 99.9% of the ladies who use our services to present themselves to Western gentlemen looking for their other halves are 100% genuine in their intent. It's a verifiable statistic that, in Russia, there are 88 men to every 100 women. This means that 10 million Russian women will not find a male partner in their own country. Quite a small proportion of those ladies now advertise themselves via web sites, personal pages, international "marriage agencies" and "mail order bride" web sites. In amongst them are a few (and it is just a few) scammers, looking to take advantage of gentlemen, who seem to loose all sense of "sensible" when contacted by a young, gorgeous, model-looking girl, 20 years their junior, who professes her love for him after a couple of emails, and then tells him about her mother who desparately needs 400 Euros to pay for radiology.

SEND NO MONEY! A woman looking to find her soul-mate outside of her own country (and considering moving herself, and maybe her children, to another country and culture) is NOT going to risk all by extracting a few hundred Euros from you - She is here to make a major change to her future, and not extract a quick profit from a prospective gentleman.

SEND NO MONEY! Even when you have been in correspondence with a lady for some time, and are arranging to meet her, please, please, please, allow US to make travel arrangements etc., for your lady. We can book hotels, flights, everything needed to bring you both together, and we can provide receipts to prove the costs, and arrange to get the necessary documentation to your lady. Remember, the email you get saying "I need 1,345 Euros for the visa and air fairs" may be the last email you ever receive from her.

Follow your head, not your pants - As a 40-something year old guy, it is oh-so flattering to have a 20-year old girl 'chatting you up'. The ego kicks in, and you start to imagine what the guys at the golf club will say when you turn up at the club house with this stunning creature on your arm. Take a step back for a moment, and consider what YOU might think if one of your pals did the same?

Within our galleries you will find younger ladies stating that they would be pleased to meet with gentlemen in their 50s, with a view to marriage and family-making. Our experience shows that the bigger the age gap, the bigger the risk of a failed union. Once your cute young bride arrives in your country, she is going to move into a new social lifestyle, a new culture, and to begin to realise that there are plenty of men, younger than you, wishing to pay her attention and compliments. Of course there are some wonderful success stories of older gentlemen finding young dream-brides, and making a very successful life together, and other internet companies like ours will surely have them displayed all over their web sites, but our experience shows that these are unusual rather than the norm. Having said that, our experience also shows that only around 5% of marriages arranged via web sites like ours actually fail, which is far less than the national averages for divorces in all European countries. Couples who are probably no more than 10 to 15 years apart in age, who meet and marry via services like ours, are the most likely ones to stay together for a full and rewarding life of hapiness!

All we are asking of you is that, having made the decision to spend money searching for your bride, meeting her, and bringing her to your country, you keep in mind the potential pitfalls, and act in the same way as you would choosing a new house, or picking a holiday or new car - Consider the options, the long-term effects, and, of course, your future hapiness!

For our part, we have in place numerous security checks and validation systems to help keep this a productive and joyful experience for you and, as you're spending money with us, we will underwrite this with the ultimate guarantee - If you pay us for the contact details of a lady, and she is subsequently discovered to be a scammer, we will refund all monies paid by you to us in respect of contacting the lady in question. We cannot, and will not, refund any monies you send direct to a lady - We have outlined the dangers, and trust that you will remember them.

We have no desire to scare you away, but we hope that you will read and take this section on board, and act sensibly and responsibly as you start your search for your future soul-mate.

Finally, in the unlikely event that you encounter someone that you suspect may be a scammer, please take the following 2 actions immediately:

1) Tell us - Initially, please use the Contact Us form on this web site to report a potential scammer, giving brief details, including the name and (if possible) the reference number on our web site of the lady concerned. The Contact Us mailbox is monitored 24/7 by our support staff, and they will take immediate steps to start investigating your report. Whatever time of day we receive your report, we will take immediate action, and contact you during normal 'daylight' hours to follow up.

2) Break all contact with the lady - Even though this (hopefully) will only be a temporary measure, it is better and safer that you do not respond to any further emails or telephone calls from the lady for the short time that it will take us to follow up on your report. If it turns out that your suspicions were due to a natural misunderstanding (maybe a language issue), then contact may be resumed without any embarrassment. We investigate all scam reports promptly and thoroughly, and if proven we act swiftly and decisively. Without going into explicit detail, the local agencies with whom we work value our presence in the industry, and we demand, expect, and GET nothing less than 110% cooperation in circumstances such as this.

For more specific information about scammers, including tips and tricks from users of sites like ours, and a regularly updated index of detailed scammer information, we highly recommend that you visit ua(pro)filer at http://uaprofiler.com/

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