All About Men

"Mr too good looking"

These are the men who truly believe that they're simple the most BEAUTIFUL creatures on PLANET EARTH ! "Mr too good looking" often thinks to himself "all the girls want me","all the women love me","everyone wants to look like me." can spot 'Mr too good looking' from a mile away,its usually the the fat guy,with greasy hair who has his nose HIGH up in the air or it might be the 'cute' guy who walks in between his friends,pays attention to none but himslef and does most of the talking poor friends of Mr too good looking*


Mr who is the one who has no name but he uses his fathers/families name all the time(to impress you),when he greets you he usually would start by saying "Hi,I am from (family name),we have alot of biuldings,i Have my own car"they will shower you with the most expensive gifts but also with the most POINTLESS/BORING conversations in the world because they have nothing to talk about but their cars and biuldings!

"Mr,I know it all!"

The most annoying type.They think they know it all from life to education to wisdom to food to women to people,to basically EVERYTHING! They also talk alot of stuffs,most of the things they say do NOT make sense.They usually combine FACTS OF LIFE (that everyone knows about) and then just mix it up with some stupid theory of theirs.


The CHEATERS! Beware women for they are SMART and surely manipulative ! Yes,they can deal with up to 10 WOMEN at the same time!they were BORN with that gift,its more like a talent.The 'Mr cheat'knows how to talk to women,knows all the chat up lines,knows where to take you out on a date,basically knows almost everything.Mr 'cheat' probably sits home and studies the history of WOMEN,he can make you fall in love with him and then break your heart into a million little pieces.'Mr cheat' is usually the PERFECT guy which never sinned in his life.LADIES beware,if you bump into him,RUN for your life or play his game and crush his heart!

"Mr Controlling"

Men like the like to control anything and everything,they love the feeling of power and they usually go for the quiet girls,who wont stand up for themselves and who will go by 'mr controllings' rules !

They ask alot of questions, 'Where did you go?with who did you go? WHY DID YOU GO THERE,IT SO CROWDED?!?! What did you eat? Excuse me?? You ate WHAT? Do you want to look fat and be unhealthy?? What did you wear?WHAT YOU WANT ATTENTION FROM OTHER PEOPLE??? '

These men are usually insecure and when they control others,they feel better about themselves.They're not safe to be around with and they are VERY tricky with words,you can never argue with them because they usually shut you up and dont give you the chance to talk!

"Mr Lier"

THE LIERS! They lie about everything,their name,age,and so on.

They even lie about such small things like the food they like or the music they listen to! You would never want to get invovled with 'mr lier'. These men usually lie because they're hiding the ugly side of the real them or they're just desprate loners who CRAVE for attention!


Mr angry means DOUBLE TROUBLE ! Mr angry gets annoyed or mad for the SLIGHTEST REASONS. You have to be EXTREMELY careful with your words when talking to 'mr angry',they are like little children but in a SCARY WAY. If you dont asnwer his call,he either wont take your calls when you call him back or he'll give you attitude or he might even ask you "hmmm busy with someone else?".Mr Angry is hard to deal with and extremely hard to make happy.In general very had people to cope up with.Mr angry can get angry at you for no reason at all and might even start up a fight just because he is not in the mood! Its easy to spot them,they rarely wear smiles and joke very little!

"Mr spoiled"

Mr spoiled is more like a girl.He has been given everything since the day he was born and he is used to getting everything he wants.Very hard to impress and he is usually materialistic! If you dont agree with him or go to the places he would like to go,then you're in BIG TROUBLE because "mr spoiled" never heard a 'NO' in his life,so if you want to get involved with one,.get used to giving up your rights and saying 'yes' to all the silly things he says! They are also sensitive but they always try to put a 'brave' mask on!

"Mr boring"

Boooooooooooooring is the only word that describes them.They do the same things EVERY SINGLE DAY,talk about the same topics almost every single day,usually serious.There is nothing much to say about 'Mr boring' otherwise,it would bore all of you to death.Tip of advice,dont bother yourslef with 'mr boring'!

"Mr child"

These are the men that never grew up.They are basically children with a monsters body.Its hard to get along with them,everything has to be done for them.Their jokes can be extremely silly,they can be embarissing to go out with,their dressing style is usually pretty awful and they have no clue about life.

"Mr picky!"

Men like "Mr picky" are hard to please ! If you're out for dinner and he does not like the bread that was served,then you have to leave the resturant! They are also picky with the "love" partners.They usually aim for perfection which is not possible.They want a girl with silky hair,perdectly done nails,tall,slim,soft skin,big eyes,pouty lips,long legs,white shony teeth,high cheek bones,dimples,long eyelashes,shaped eye brows,small feet,nice ANKLES,cute toes,in other words they want a Barbie with a lovely personality.But a few of them might look for the opposite 'patience,kindness,intelligence,inner beauty,confidence,and so on!' (but these are usually taken!)

"Mr BIG mouth"

Mr big mouth talks about everything and everyone.Mr big mouth is the male version of a female who likes to gossip a lot.

They talk about their friends,relatives and yes even about you !

They also make up stories, impressing stories about themsleves to make themselves look good and bad stories about others to humilate them!

Stay away from 'Big mouth' for he can NEVER be trusted and if you get on his bad side he will even write a book to spoil your name.

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