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Nikolaev is a city and administrative center of Nikolaev Region, southern Ukraine, on the estuary of the Yuzhny Bug River, about 40 miles (65 km) from the Black Sea. City of Nikolaev is a big transportation junction (sea port, commercial port, river port, highway and railway junction, airport).

City of Nikolaev population is about 539 000 (2002 est.).

The city is located 65 kilometers from the Black Sea along the estuary of the Southern Buh river (where it meets the Inhul River).

Nikolaev was founded in 1788 during the Russian-Turkish war of 1787-1791 as a naval base after the Russian annexation of the Black Sea coast, near the site of the ancient Greek Olbia. City of Nikolaev was a shipyard from where the town developed and which was named Nikolaev in 1789. Till 1862 Nikolaev was a military port only. In 1862 a commercial harbor was opened and in 1873 a railway was built to the port. Soviet power was established in Nikolaev in 1918.

Nikolaev is the shipbuilding city, situated between two rivers Yuzhnii Bugh and Ingul. It has wonderful nature and magnificent architecture. For ages people worshiped the history of Nikolaev. They tried to safe the ancient beauty of the city, to pass it to their descendants, their future age. Now buildings of Nikolaev are mixed in type and architecture. You can easily find high modern buildings standing near the cozy private houses. Nikolaev is the intermixture of nationalities.

Nikolaev is now one of the most important Ukrainian Black Sea ports, serving the Krivoy Rog area and extensive steppe grain lands.

Nikolaev is one of the biggest shipbuilding centers of the Ukraine. The city also has a wide range of other engineering and consumer-goods industries. An alumina-processing plant utilizing imported bauxite was built in the 1970s in the northern suburb of Zhovtnevoye in city of Nikolaev.

Nikolaev is a modern city in appearance, laid out on a gridiron pattern of broad streets. City of Nikolaev is an important cultural center.

Many people from all over the world visit it every year. Maybe they visit it because of the fact that Nikolaev is the city of brides, maybe because people look for romance and adventures and this very city is able to grant everything! We have still rivers for yachting, high bridges for banjo jumping, never lasting fields for parachuting sport and kiting. But the very thing that will surely catch your attention is that the Black Sea is situated just near the Nikolaev. It will take you only an hour to get to the best summer resorts and you will surely like them. Even the most caprice tourist will find something interesting and worth his attention for himself.

One can enumerate many nice places of interest in Nikolaev. The museum of shipbuilding is opened to everyone every day. You will get acquainted with history of the town, with the most outstanding people who moved the culture and time. The museum of Vershagin is the museum of fine arts from ancient period to our days. Every month the exhibitions are changes and every time you will enter this very museum you will find something exciting and never-to-be-forgotten.

You can also find the Russian Drama Theater that is situated near the main street Sovetskaya. If you like pomposity and exquisiteness you should definitely visit this very place. This very theatre is very convenient for foreigners. The leaflets are written in two languages: Russian and English. So you won't have problems with understanding the theme and the plays. Besides this very theater you can find another one, also very delightful and splendiferous: Ukrainian Theater. But this very theater is the typical Ukrainian theater in its Ukrainian style and glory. There you can see Ukrainian plays about Ukrainian traditions, culture and history. In general both theaters are worth visiting. You will be attracted by their architecture, their magnificence and their atmosphere of time.

If you like nature a lot and you wish to be close to it, then you are lucky - there is a large zoo in Nikolayev and it is the best zoo all over Ukraine! You can see many kinds of different animals and birds there, exotic and common for Europe and Asia. If you are still hot or just like water, we have two swimming pools in our city. Travel Ukraine. Hotels. Tours. Apartments for Rent.

Nikolaev changes very quickly. Many entertaining complexes and places of rest appear. The most great is the City Center that combines everything for rest and relaxation. You can find there everything you desire: different shops with clothes from sport to classics from many well-known brands, a multiplex cinema that has four premises with best screens and high-tech home cinemas, convenient armchairs for your refreshment and good time. If you are a admirer of poker you should definitely visit casino. And if you dream about a romantic dinner you should go to the restaurant. As for your lodgings, we can propose to you the best apartments of our city.

Nikolaev is not a very big town, but it has no huge traffic and no fuss.

If you have a desire to rest and to spend good time this very city is waiting for you.

Nice nature and fresh air can force you to have evening barbeques or strolls among Nikolaev`s parks and squares.

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