Are You Compatible For Each Other?

If you are in a relationship, the question that frequently crosses your mind, especially after strife, is whether you and your partner are compatible with each other? As a general rule, it is believed that the more things partners have in common, the more successful is the relationship. This is called the ‘compatibility factor’. The significance of this factor can be determined from the fact that even if you do not find exactly the same person you once dreamt of, you are still happy and in love with your partner. So, to know how compatible you are with each other, read on.

Are You & Your Partner Compatible for Each Other

Personality Compatibility

Personality is one of the key aspects to look out for. It is very necessary for you to like your partner in terms of his or her personality. For example, some people have good sense of humor; some are creative, while others are spiritually inclined. It is necessary for you to like the person, with whatever traits he has, because they will stay with him/her forever. This will decide how happy you stay with the other person.

Chemistry Compatibility

Chemistry corresponds to the physical affinity you have towards each other. It is very necessary for you to click in this department, as it decides the sustenance of your relationship. Both of you should have similar feelings towards each other, so that it is easy for the other person to reciprocate.

Communication Compatibility

Communication is the biggest bridge in a relationship. It is important for both of you to like your conversations. The conversation should be fun and interesting for both, involving inputs from both sides. You will always find your partner attractive if you love talking to him or her.

Friends and Family Compatibility

As human beings are social animals, everybody has friends or a community group. It is important for your partner to gel with your family as well as your friends. This is because everyone is emotionally attached with his loved ones and if your partner fails to develop a good rapport with them, you might feel he/she is not sensitive enough. This can really create distances between partners.

Health and Nutrition Compatibility

Health and nutrition might not seem linked to the issue directly, but they have their own implications. The food and health-related habits of both the partners should be same, because if one of you is a junk food buff then it will definitely be a cause of worry for the other. This can become a bone of contention, as both would vie to prove and work their opinion.

Financial Compatibility

Money also becomes one of the major conflict issues between couples. It is directly related with the ambitions of the partners and their approach. There should be consensus over financial issues, like how do you want to spend your money, where do you want to invest it or how do you want each other to manage your bills, expenses, etc.

Lifestyle Compatibility

It is very crucial for both the partners to share some common interests. Such things bind the couple together, as they get to enjoy each other’s company as well as the activity together. To make things exciting, you can even expose yourself to innovative activities and indulge in them together. This will act as a fastener, keeping both of you glued to each other.

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