Attract Women And Seduce Women Is Not The Same

There are three categories of men who are popular with women, those who know how to seduce women, those who know how to attract women, and those who know how to both seduce and attract women. The third type of men is the most coveted sort.

The capacity to seduce or attract women is innate in all men. But the amount of success achieved depends on the effort each man is willing to put into the subject, and how much he cultivates his innate abilities.

For example, men who want to seduce women usually hang out at bars, pubs and clubs and they only work on their pick up lines, and the first few dates.

Men who are only aiming to seduce a woman should be careful not to get entangled into any commitment, because women who are looking for a relationship are willing to invest a lot more than the man who just wants to have fun is willing to return.

Coming to the second category of men, those who want to attract women and not seduce them. These men are primarily concerned with the mental and emotional bliss in relationship. Their principle aim remains, to meet all the needs, realize all the wishes of their partners.

Women usually don’t enjoy going to bars or pubs, unless there is some added incentive, like a live band, or a comedian performing. Consequently men who want to attract women, unlike men who want to seduce them, avoid such places and instead frequent those places which women want to go to.

A man who wants to attract women enters into relationships with only those women who offer him emotional stability, a measure of bliss and happiness, an added sense of security and satisfaction.

>And thus we come to the third kind of men, those who know both how to seduce and attract women, they are really the most sought after men, and God’s gift to women. Men who can both seduce and attract women are usually unpredictable; they can turn up whenever, wherever. They follow their hearts in such matters and their inquisitiveness. They usually play by ear, and don’t care about other people’s opinions.

However, when such a man opts for a commitment, he usually wants someone who can satisfy a particular desire in him, or provides some kind of a challenge. Though from a larger perspective, these men usually want their partners to be submissive, because they are not the kind who would take nonsense from anybody. The men who can both seduce and attract women are complacent in the knowledge that they can get practically any woman they want. And if they don’t get a woman they also quite capable of remaining single till they do.

As far as getting the woman is concerned, the man who seduces, the man who attracts and the man who does both are all likely to be successful to an extent. However, if you want to actually be able to choose the kind of woman you want and to be able to keep them as well, the knowledge of how to attract a woman as well is going to come in handy for sure. Thus the man who can both seduce women and attract them is the one who gets to call the shots in this enterprise.

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