Be Yourself

Be original! Always remember we value that is original. Anything that is not real attracts you at the first look but after some time you do not admire it anymore as you thought it to be something else. This theory applies to relations too. Be original, your real self. People love you for what you are and not what you pretend to be. If to impress somebody you act to be somebody else you will not be able to attract the person for long. So always be yourself. Never put on what you are not.

Suppose you are a person who is very modern in thoughts and enjoys life to the fullest. You meet a person who is little conservative. You get attracted and to win that person you try to be conservative who you are not, then it is not going to work for long. How long can you pretend to be someone you are not? You make your life miserable as you are trying to change your real self, a person who enjoyed life to the fullest. Moreover the other person sooner or later will come to know about the reality. You cannot pretend for long and change yourself completely. That person is not going to like it as he/she admired you for being a conservative and not an avant-garde. Therefore never pretend to be what you are not and let people love and admire for what you actually are your real self.

Any relationship turns out to be successful when the partners are honest with each other and never hide things from each other. If you hide your self and portray yourself as somebody else the for sure relationship is not going to last for long. After all a relationship is based on honesty and if you begin with cheating each other then you cannot stick in a relationship for long.

Get out of dreams and be in the real world. You have to learn to be practical in life. Pretending to be what you are not and getting into a long lasting relationship with a happy ending is to be seen in movies not in real life, off course exceptions are everywhere and it is rare. So whenever you are getting into a relationship, be honest with each other.

Another very important and a contrary point here is that if you are into a relationship since long and now are facing problems the reason could be that you have changed. Do not forget yourself in the busy life. We generally tend to forget ourselves in the busy world trying to maintain our relations, looking after the children and progressing towards our career. When you lose your real self you attract your partner less. Just ponder over the things you did for what you were admired and loved by your mate. Maybe you have changed to some extent. You don’t do the things your partner liked anymore. You have forgotten your real self. Try to remember the look, the qualities you had and the activities you did that brought you two together. Try recalling the things that attracted your partner towards you. Try to be that same person again and make your relationship a long lasting and happy one.

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