Can Cigarettes And Alcohol Influence Men'S Sexual Life?

Sexual problems appear more and more often in men's lives. The accelerated rhythm of live, stress, lack of free time and an inappropriate diet determine all sorts of sexual issues like erection problems or impotence. Men admit that their sexual performances are very low after they come back from work or when they have a bad day. Moreover, they confess that sometimes they just don't have time to consume healthy food and they prefer to eat whatever they can find. The conclusion is that men's life style influences directly their potency and their sexual skills.

Men don't see the connection between what they consume and their sexual life. Let me tell you that you need to maintain the sanity of your body if you want to have a healthy penis as well. You need to take care of your entire body in order to keep your sexual level as high as possible. A balanced diet is imposed. Eat more vegetables and fruits and drink at least two liters of water per day. This will help you clean your body from all the toxins that you have consumed.Whether you like it or not, cigarettes and alcohol are the biggest enemies of your sexual health. Scientists have noticed that men that smoke and drink a lot are more likely to have erection problems and semen issues. This is the truth. Unfortunately, men confess that they can not completely eliminate cigarettes and alcohol from their lives because this stuff helps them overpass the stress and to brake every day's monotony.

In case you didn't know, let me tell you that cigarettes are the cause of 25 diseases and of 11 types of cancer. Cigarettes contain many toxins that poison your body. Some of them are: nicotine, carbon monoxide, Tar, acetone DDT, Arsenic, Formaldehyde, Ammonia, and Hydrogen cyanide. Maybe you don't care about other diseases, but don't you care at least about your sexual abilities? Smoking produces erectile dysfunctions and it affects the sperm production, men's fertility and sexual performance. Scientists proved that men who smoke have problems of infertility. Their sperm is not so healthy and it is seriously affected cigarettes. There are many cases when smoking is related to impotence. Smokers usually complain to have weak erections. Isn't that warning enough for you? Another negative effect of smoking is that the semen's taste is also affected and this situation is not very pleasant for the sexual partner. Moreover, nobody likes to smell the smoke while is having sex. Think about your partner and imagine how unpleasant is for her to stand the cigarette smell al the time.

Now, let's talk about the alcohol's effects. Most men consume alcohol in order to relax and to feel good, but they don't imagine how bad effects the alcohol has upon their sexual health. The alcohol affects first of all your brain. The brain is the one that gives your penis the impulse to have an erection. When this mechanism is damaged, erection dysfunctions appear more and more often. Your body becomes uncontrollable and you become unable to maintain an erection as you used to do it before. Your sexual skills are seriously damaged and the problems in your relationship will appear inevitably. Moreover, think about your sexual partner. She will become frustrated and unhappy, because you won't be able to satisfy her anymore. Isn't that embarrassing?

Think twice before continuing with these harmful habits. Cigarettes and alcohol can produce very easily dependence. Once you have entered in this vicious circle, it becomes very hard to get out. Sometimes, it seems even impossible to repair all the damage that you have created. The key to a healthy body is moderation. Don't exaggerate with anything and you will be able to maintain the balance. Think about your life in general and about your sexual health in particular. You can avoid sexual dysfunctions and infertility by reducing the consume of cigarettes and alcohol.

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