Control Your Anger

When two people come together then there is it is unavoidable to get into arguments and fights. There is bitterness and anger. Anger is a natural feeling. At one time or the other all of us get angry. It is very normal and natural to get angry at times. But if getting angry is a routine then it could create problems for you and your partner. So watch out your anger and learn to control your anger as it could spoil your relationship.

When you get angry you speak out words you should not as your mind is out of control. Many times you say things that hurt your partner badly. Words once spoken cannot be taken back and the damage has been done. You can do nothing except for a “sorry”. At times saying sorry does not work. Moreover how many times are you going to say you are sorry if you have the habit of getting angry often? The word “sorry” repeated again and again losses it meaning. You partner does not feel like forgiving you as the word seems to be just an excuse.

At times you are so angry that you speak out such word that you should never speak. You say such word without meaning just out of anger but they do the damage that cannot be repaired. At times you speak of divorce and separation that you should never do and you actually don’t mean them. You hardly realize how you have hurt your partner and damaged your relationship. In the fit of anger you are unaware of such damage. No matter how angry you are, make sure you do not speak such words. Just control your anger.

You should know how to deal with anger. If you get angry easily then you have to learn to cope with your anger. Whenever you are into an argument and know that it is going to get heated up making you really angry stop the conversation then and there. It is better to stop the conversation rather than go into an unnecessary and heated talk that will result in hurting each other. It is best to say nothing at all than hurt your partner. Always remember in an argument that you love each other and always care for each other and for the sake of it keep shut and argue no further. The reason behind the argument could be anything but you should remember that it could harm you both if you do not control yourself and your anger to cut short the argument.

There are different ways to control anger. It just that you should learn to be more conscious of yourself and what you say. Whenever you get angry watch out for the words you speak. Control yourself and do not utter the words that could hurt your partner. If something has gone wrong there is nothing wrong in getting angry after all it is a way to express your feelings, but what is important is that you should control yourself and not utter such words that hurt your partner and create bitterness between the two of you.

The best way of anger control is speak out what is in your mind, the reason for anger than hurting and being abusive. Your partner will understand you and at the same time will try to get you out of the anger. Even if initially your partner is angry with you after you speak out your mind he or she will understand and help you cope anger.

If you are angry try to distract your mind so that you do not get angry any further. Generally when you are angry and think about it your anger aggravates. So whenever you are angry try to distract your mind. You can call it self help anger. This is a good way to deal with your anger without harming your partner.

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