Different Types Of Panties For Women

If you are considering buying lingerie for your wife, girlfriend, or significant other, you must first be aware of the many different styles of panties that are available for women. This is true no matter what size you seek, although there is certainly a larger selection in the smaller. You will want to become educated in these styles before you attempt to make any purchases.

Although some men have the ability to handle the task, most men should become educated before they attempt to enter a search to make a purchase of panties for a spouse, girlfriend, or significant other. Unless you know exactly what you are expected to buy, do not attempt it without education first. You have to be familiar with the different panties types that are for sale throughout the stores so that you don’t get there and look foolish when you find that you have no idea whatsoever what to buy.

If you have been with your wife or girlfriend when she has bought panties, you may be in a better position than others to know what she likes; however, unless you live together, do you assume because she wears a certain type of panties when you are intimate, that she wears those all the time. Women are notorious for buying panties just for “special occasions” when they want to feel really sexy, and have something different for every day wear. This can be confusing to men who are content to wear the same kind of boxers or jockeys every day of the week, but it’s important to learn before you make a mistake and buy the wrong thing.

Many women, for example, enjoy wearing boxers and a tee-shirt to lounge around the house or as nightwear. They are loose fitting and comfortable to wear when sleeping, relaxing, or doing chores around the house. Although some women do like to wear this kind of panties on a regular basis, be certain you know that first. Other styles include the high cut brief, regular brief, bikini, and thong. All of these usually come in both cotton and nylon, but some women prefer silk, which are usually only available in either lingerie shops or in high end department stores such as Macy’s, Lord and Taylor, J.C. Penney’s, and the like.

In order to confuse men even more, women sometimes like to wear different linds of panties during certain activities such as work instead of home. There are also those, especially thong wearers, who prefer regular panties during their monthly cycle. There are those women who even buy intimate apparel from Victoria’s Secrets or Fredrick’s of Hollywood only for those intimate moments with their significant other, so it’s important to know how your partner’s mind works. Of course, if your plan is to buy something for those intimate moments, you are certainly free to buy something sexy that would be appealing to you for those times. Do not, however, buy something for her to wear at any other time unless you know her routine.

Some may think it’s a little “out there” for women to be so fussy about intimate apparel, but there are some women who will only wear a bra and panties that come in matching sets, and others will only wear certain brands, fabrics, or styles. It comes down to a personal preference, just as men may only like a certain brand of cologne, sneaker, or car. Women are often seen as fussy by men, because they don’t often look in the mirror to see their own preferences as being “picky,” only that of others. Remember, your partner may be choosy about the panties she wears so that she can look sexy for you during those intimate moments, so don’t be too hard on her!

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