Don’T Get Scammed Dating Beautiful Ukrainian Women

There are a many Ukrainian dating sites on the internet today. Since this has become much more common, there are a number of con-men and scammers that you have to watch out for. The first step is to find a reputable Ukrainian dating agency and use that agency.  Locating and communicating with a Ukrainian woman via email or messaging is not the way to go.  The girl you would be emailing might be some fat Russian mob guy sending you already prepared emails and photos that they bought from very poor families.  This is a common scam!  So use a reputable dating agency. 

I list three that I used and found no problems with them but the most successful was Marriage by Natali.  Natali and her staff provided me with more dates with beautiful Ukrainian women and quicker scheduling of those dates than any other agency that I used.  I was also given more personal insight into the girls I was interested in and certainly got better "intel" than just the profile and photos provided in the book and web site.  They know almost every girl personally.  Don't get me wrong, the other Ukrainian dating sites I mention are  good as well, but Natali and her staff give a more personal touch (and NO I do not get a commission – this is simply my experience).

Next, look at the site itself. If there is nudity, or even an over-abundance of bikini-style photos, it is probably not a place you should be.  At least not if you are serious about finding a Ukrainian wife. If a girl asks you for some money for travel or expenses then beware.  I was scammed and sent money via Western Union for a girl to pay for her travel visa and plane fare.  She even called me at the airport (supposedly and yes it was a women's voice – paid by the scam outfit I guess) pleading for some more money or the US Customs will not let her board the plane for America.  First off – any single woman in Ukraine who says she can or has gotten a travel Visa to the US is probably lying.  Ukraine will not let these women leave on their own to come to America.  It just doesn't happen.

Even after meeting my future Ukrainian bride we had trouble getting a Visa for her to travel with me on a short vacation.  A Visa can be obtained if it comes as part of a "Vacation Package" from a Ukrainian Travel Agency.  My wife and I eventually vacationed in Turkey and Hungary together, but only with a limited stay vacation package.

Be careful with places that promise you can meet and marry women 25 – 30 years younger than you. Natali recommends that you do not date women who are more than 20 years younger.  It simply would have less chance of success. You also need to find some way to verify that the women actually are who they claim to be. One of the more common scams in this business is for a person (or an agency in some cases) to put up photos of someone else.

Once they have made contact with a foreign man, they will try to reel you in, maybe even making promises that they are already in love with you and can come to meet you.  Again, a reputable dating agency will prevent this from happening and will verify the woman for you. You can pay a Ukrainian detective agency, and there are many of them, but this in it self may be a scam.  Instead, see what help the agency offers you in terms of verification.

I hope these few tips help or at least save you from being scammed and good luck in your search for your Ukrainian bride!

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