Eight Tips On Getting Her To Be More Aggressive In The Bedroom

Here in the twenty-first century, we still run headlong into some societal taboos from a few generations ago. Until shows like Sex and the City hit the mainstream, it was pretty much forbidden for women to really talk about getting aggressive in their sex life. Even the most take-charge guys get excited when their girls take control of the sex situation from time to time. If your bride is still living in the past, use any of these eight ideas to show her how fun life can be when she’s on top.

Go passive. Most women don’t initiate sex, simply because they’re used to men doing it. If you’re the subtle type, and you can handle a little sex drought, you can cut her off for a while to see what happens. Once she’s gagging for it, she’ll either rip your clothes off or she’ll flat out ask you what you’re up to.

Go aggressive. If you’d rather not wait so long for her to come around to the idea of asserting herself in the bedroom, try a different psychological approach. Take her to a nice restaurant for a romantic dinner. Before the dessert arrives, ask her to share one of her wildest sexual fantasies. Listen intently, echoing back what she says (you’ll need it for another tip!). When she asks you about your own fantasy, simply tell her that you’d love it if she surprised you by pouncing on you more often. You won’t have to ask twice.

Jump-start her sex drive. Perhaps things have become a little ho-hum in the bedroom, and late night repeats of Law and Order get her more excited than you do. Encourage her to select some unusual new positions, or surprise her with a spontaneous trip to a nearby hotel. You can even meet downtown for a “nooner” near her workplace. Just do something to break the pattern, and she’ll snap back to her aggressive self.

Put her in charge. Grant her a fantasy wish. Let her choose the time, the place, and the scenario for her wildest dream. Play the young pupil to her Mrs. Robinson. Play the gardener for her desperate housewife. Play Steadman to her Oprah – whatever she wants, no matter how bizarre, let her have it.

Really put her in charge. Take your roleplaying even further by surprising her with a servant for the night. Let her know that you are at her complete service for the next six hours, and that no request will be denied. Take this exercise very seriously, and respond to every request with, “yes, mistress.” The first hour might seem a little awkward, as she tests her boundaries. Don’t be surprised if she’s cracking a whip at you by the end of the night.

Play with toys. Visit a quality adult novelty store in your area, or spend a little time surfing any of the discreet online sex shops. Choose a few toys for her to experiment with, and help her play around. The more secure and comfortable you make her feel, the more she will come out of her shell.

Get a little visual reinforcement. Late night cable television isn’t just for lonely single guys. Spice up your bedroom viewing with the occasional porn show. You can laugh together at the cheesier productions, but you’re bound to find something that gets her excited.

Take some time off. Circling back to the very first tip, you can break a boring routine by scheduling yourself a long business trip or a solo visit to family or friends. The heart isn’t the only thing that grows fonder with absence. Time your trip well, and you’ll have to keep her from taking you on the baggage claim belt.

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