Financial Woes

A good relationship is all about balance and harmony between the partner, the environment and finance. Financial matters are a part of our daily life. In a perfect relationship too, money does matter.

There are always debates as to what is important Love or Money. The debate ends in conclusion that both are equally important. For a practical person money has a very significant role to play as life as it is difficult to move forward without money.

When you start with a new relationship it is important to know the financial backgrounds about each other. You can’t have a happy relationship unless you make clear to each other about your individual financial conditions. The partners should be aware about each others spending habits and know if they are into any kind of debts. Couples are seen fighting and even ending a relationship as they weren’t clear about their mate’s habits and financial condition. Never make false statement about your financial state. When coming into a relationship you talk about love, romance and togetherness but very few couples talk about each others financial conditions. You should also make clear about your financial conditions honestly so as not to end a relationship in disappointment. You should let your partner know about both the good and the bad things about your life. If you are financially well off then it does not make much of a difference but when your economical condition is not well it becomes an obligation to let your partner know about it as you have to spend your life together ever after. It is here when love will play its role. If your partner really loves you he or she will accept you as you are otherwise it is better to have a relationship broken that has its root based on your financial gains.

Even the perfect relationships fall apart due to financial problems. There is discord and disharmony among couples. When a relationship faces problems of finances there are fights, arguments, frustration and anger. You are not able to solve the problems as everything seems impossible and you take up with regular drinking and fighting thus creating an unhealthy atmosphere. It is even worse when you are parents. Children have a very bad effect when their family is facing financial problems. They get complexes and at times indulge into bad habits such as fighting with their school mates and stealing.

Couples should actually sit and try to solve the problems than creating an unhealthy atmosphere. Generally economical problems do not crop up immediately. As a family increase in number, you have children and your requirements expand you start facing economical problems if your source of income remains is not enough and nearly the same. It is here that you should start planning to increase your source of income. You have to find ways for monetary gains. Both the partners have to work out over it.

Moreover you should not increase your expenses beyond your income. Learn to control your desires. It is true that we all want the best in life but we have to be practical and make moves according to our financial condition. It is how you will be able to restore this balance, and consequently improve your life. Patience and sacrifice are very important factors in a relationship. At times you have to sacrifice certain thing you loved to have which you could not due to economic condition. You can always get a chance in near future to buy it. You should not go for it at the extent of creating problems as it costs you a hell of money.

Financial issues should be dealt with great care and thinking as it is easy to spend and difficult to earn. Learn to save money and invest money so as to increase your financial condition.

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