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The Man Behind the Curtain

Like the quest for the Holy Grail there has been an eternal quest into the psyche of the adult male. This article picks up where many of my other articles left off. In "The Scarecrow, The Cowardly Lion and The Tin Man", I began to attempt to explain the psyche which is the male spirit. It was followed up by "Snuggler’s Blues"; "Superman Syndrome" and "Secondhand Men", which were all snap-shot attempts to explain why men do the things they do. In "The Man Behind the Curtain", I take a painstaking journey of introspection and personal evaluation of man. Who are we; what are our aspirations; what are our insecurities; what are our fears; and in the end, how do we become winners, sinners and those lost in between.

This piece is a companion piece to "How to Read a Woman". In that article I outlined my observations and conversations with hundreds of women and took my findings to help outline the seven types of women that walk amongst us. While I did my research on the seven types of women I also developed data on an eventual list to describe men. After the release of "How to Read a Woman", I was bombarded with inquiries on when I would write the article you’re reading now. My attempts to write this piece were fruitless for countless hours. Every time I tried to classify men I would always end up with categories that failed to corral all the personas that are male. I got to the point, more than once, where I felt this article couldn’t be written because I was having an impossible time understanding men and their motives. When I asked my own dad why I was having such a tough time explaining men he replied, "Heck, son, you’ve spent your whole life trying to figure women out; don’t be upset if you can’t solve this puzzle in a day." My dad was right! I had spent so much of my time looking over the fence that I never got to know my own backyard; me, my buddies, my friends, my enemies, my contemporaries-- men.

With time, the fog began to clear. In its wake, eight distinct types of men emerged. They are presented here in no particular order:

1. The Boy Scout
2. The Maverick
3. The Juggernaut
4. The Mogul
5. Nowhere Man
6. The Warrior
7. Mr. Fix It
8. The Playboy

The Boy Scout

Usually, in this day and age, to call somebody a "Boy Scout" is not considered a compliment. A lot of people I interviewed felt "Boy Scouts" were boring; too straight-laced; conformists; anal; afraid to break the rules; non-risk takers. Those that like the "Boy Scout" felt he is honest; straight-forward; a hard worker; dependable; loyal and trustworthy. These are the men that pay their taxes on time; pay their bills early; don’t walk on the grass if not allowed; give to the poor and live their lives by a strict moral code; there is right and there is wrong. Right is not an interpretation but a truth that anyone without blinders on can see plain as day. "Boy Scouts" believe that a man is defined by his actions. A "Boy Scout" aspires to perfection; generally a neat freak, he can sometimes alienate those around him by imposing his strict moral code on others.

A "Boy Scout’s" biggest fear is isolation. Fear they won’t have somebody to lead; that they will be left all alone. This obsessive - compulsive disorder that rules the "Boy Scout’s" life generally doesn’t let a lot of light of happiness in, because happiness is something that is placed on hold till perfection is met. To love a "Boy Scout" is to believe the same dreams they do: "If you do what’s right, do what you’re told, work hard, good things will happen." Sometimes, sometimes, they’re right and everything goes according to plan. But if there is anything I’ve learned about life is this; seldom is it fair, the good guy is generally denigrated not celebrated, the riches go to those who break the rules and given a choice most women will choose a rebel. No, sadly, to call someone a "Boy Scout" these days usually means you’re putting them down. But do me a favor, the next time you hear someone say, "Who does he think he is, some kind of "Boy Scout"? or "What a "Boy Scout, he’s no fun!" Tell them this, "Boy Scouts" went into the twin towers to save people like you and me, "Boy Scouts" die every day for people like you and me. And without "Boy Scouts" there is no us.

The Maverick

More years ago than I care to remember, I found myself in the main hub of the Atlanta airport waiting for my connecting flight. Someone once said that when you die you have go through Atlanta on your way to your final destination. Nevertheless, I was there for a two hour layover along with thousands of others on their way home. Of the thousands of people there that day, there was one person I met I will never forget.

He was a tall, lanky fellow, about 6’4, jet-black hair slicked back, a large chiseled jaw that would make the gods jealous and a giant mouth full of teeth. I had just come back from a managers’ meeting (from my days of working for a jewelry chain) and was dead tired. All I wanted to do was get on my plane, get home, shower and crawl straight into bed. As I sat in the hard preformed plastic chairs that are attached together at the base (like someone would want to take one as a souvenir) I sat next to Mr. Mouth-full-of-teeth.

The thing I remember most about him is he wouldn’t sit still. He was like a two year old in his high chair that just wanted out! After what seemed like an eternity (fifteen minutes) I couldn’t take it anymore. "Dude, (trust me people said "dude" in the early 80"s) calm down. Why are you so hyper?" "Oh, I’m sorry, I’m just a little nervous. I’m on my way to be on my first national television appearance". "Really?" I said, "What show?" "Merv Griffin", he replied. "Wow, why you going on the show?" "Well", he said kind of sheepishly with eyes to the floor then back at me, "I’m going to change the world." "Really, how’s that?" I sat straight up in my seat and then leaned over to hear his answer. This guy was certainly more interesting than the crossword puzzle I had been working on. "Well, I’m going to help people solve their problems. If they are over weight I’m going to teach them how to be thin; if they are financially challenged I’m going to show them how to achieve financial freedom; if they are lonely I’m going to show them how to attract the love of their life." This guy definitely had my full attention now. "How in the hell you going to pull off that little trick? Who are you any way, Houdini?" "No, my name is Anthony Robbins." (For those of you who don’t know, Tony Robbins is a world-renowned author and motivational speaker and personal advisor to presidents, CEOs, professional athletes, including Andre Agassi when he had lost his game) But back then he was still a kid in his 20’s and had yet to realize all the future successes that lay before him or the one billion dollar empire he would create. "Never heard of you Anthony", I replied, "But I certainly like your enthusiasm. But seriously how are you going to pull this off?" With a big infectious grin he said, "I figured something out." "I’m waiting!" I replied with baited breath. "I figured there are those special people in the world who will see what has never been seen; say what has never been said; write what has never been written and do what has never been done. I don’t think I’m one of them. But what I figured out was it doesn’t make a difference! Success can be copied! For the last few years I’ve interviewed people that have been challenged with their weight and become thin and found out their secrets. I’ve interviewed wealthy men and wrote down their rules for success. I’ve even interviewed people in wonderful loving relationships and asked them how they attracted the love of their life. Point blank I’m going to share with the world my findings."

I never met Tony, "The Motivator" again, although he wasn’t too hard to find on his popular late-night infomercials. Tony said, he wasn’t one of those rare people that could see what had never been seen. But he was clearly wrong. There was one thing he saw that up until that time no one else had, success can be copied. Tony was and is a "Maverick". In fact, without him being aware of it, he had helped describe what a "Maverick" is. A man that sees what hasn’t been seen; says what has never been said; writes what has never been written, does what has never been done. They are visionaries.

Their way is a new way. To most people "Mavericks" are bold adventurous risk-takers but at heart they are inquisitors; always asking why; always wanting to know how something works; always questioning past theories. "Mavericks", although seen by most as Type A personalities are actually quite insecure. They put on this bravado face that they take outdoors but inside they are more petrified of life than most because they are so curious. I asked one "Maverick" what his greatest asset was and he replied quite matter of factly, "time". When I told him practically every other person I interviewed answered "health" (Their argument being you have nothing if you don’t have your health) he replied, "What good is your health without time to enjoy it?" "Mavericks" think outside the box. If you’re going to be married to them, there are some very basic rules for success:

1. Keep an eye out for them; they are impulsive and don’t look both

ways before crossing the street.

2. Diversify them; don’t let them get locked in for too long a time on

one goal. They can quickly become obsessed and forget about
everything and everyone else in their life. "Mavericks" need


3. Don’t block their creativity when it comes, or make "its me or your

work" kind of demands because you’ll lose. "Mavericks" must be

allowed to breathe.

Many "Mavericks" are entrepreneurs but there are a lot of these creative geniuses that hibernate when they get stuck on a question like "the meaning of life" or "God" that holds no concrete answer. When they hibernate, they distance themselves from others and in some cases life itself.

The Juggernaut

Anybody ever tell you something was impossible? I’m sure you have. When we grow up, we are influenced by many different things; our environment, our friends, family and even our biological make-up. Some of us were born without all ten fingers or all ten toes. Some of us were given all our senses, some of us were left a few enchiladas short of a full mexican plate. Without denying it, some of us were born into luckier circumstances than others. So wouldn’t logic tell you that those of us that were dealt the good cards should end up on top and those of us that were dealt the lousy hand should be happy to be alive. It’s funny, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Time and time again our history has shown us how the underdog can win. Just ask John Elway what chance his team was given against Green Bay in their first Super Bowl win. They were 17-point underdogs. They were outmatched, out classed, out talented (so the experts said) but they won. The impossible is possible or so would say a "Juggernaut". A "Juggernaut" is someone who against all odds, win or lose, never quits. And I mean that. "Juggernauts" don’t necessarily have high IQ’s but they do have one incredible quality, they are driven. If they decide to take on a task they stick with it till the end, till there is nothing left in them to give. "Juggernauts" find the joy in the pursuit. They have an uncanny ability to tackle long-term goals that can only be accomplished through months, years, even decades of practice, hard work, pain and even suffering. Lance Armstrong is casebook "Juggernaut". Anything he puts his mind to he gives everything he has. He fought through the mountains, the training, cancer and in the end not only competed, he won.

Different than the creative genius of the "Mavericks" who may see a new way; some of them do nothing to implement their grand idea. "Juggernauts" set goals and do everything in their power to achieve them. You will never ever see a homeless "Juggernaut". Whereas there are countless "Mavericks" pan-handling because even with their genius or maybe because of their genius, some are too afraid to take action on their grand idea. Mostly, because they are smart enough to realize the mathematical odds of achieving their success are so small many of them do nothing. Genius can be a prison.

One of my most favorite stories that has been told time and time again about a couple of "Juggernauts" is about the two unknown actors. The way the story goes, the two nobodies were up for a screen test to see if they would be asked to join a major studio. After they both tested, the director said, "You both better find a new line of work because trust me neither of you will ever be actors. So quit while you’re ahead. Get out of here!" When they both asked why, the director replied, "Well for starters (he points to one of them) you’re too ugly to be an actor (then he points to the other) and you have no talent!! Now get out of here before I have you thrown off the lot!" As they both walked off one of them was laughing to himself, which prompted the other one to say, "What the hell is so funny?" To which he replied, "Heck I can still learn how to act but you’re still going to be ugly!"

What’s fascinating about this true story is whenever both actors were stung with extraordinary criticism neither of them ever quit. If they had, we probably would have never heard of Burt Reynolds (the talentless one) or Clint Eastwood (the ugly one). In doing this article I interviewed a lot of exceptional driven people (The Juggernauts) and asked them what their main goal in life was. They all had the same answer, to make a difference, to leave a giant footprint in the sands of time. When I asked them their fears they also all replied the same way, "Can you spell it? Cause I don’t know what it means." If "Juggernauts" are putting on some kind of act it’s a good one because they sure are impressing me! One of my favorite "Juggernauts", if not my own personal hero, is Christopher Reeves. Even facing all his adversity he still sees himself walking again. He’s not just a survivor, he’s an achiever. And that’s what "Juggernauts" are, they are the achievers, the doers. The ones who say they’re going to do something and back it up.

If there is a flaw, and it’s a big one, is that practically all "Juggernauts" have trouble achieving balance in their lives. In that respect they are like the "Mavericks". If as a woman you are married to one you have to get your jug head to understand the idea of a priority list. If his goal or goals ever get placed above you or your family or your kids it may be time to give him a reality check.

The Mogul

Randomly choose ten men from a crowd, isolate them, step back and observe. Almost instantaneously one will step forward; the leader. He’s brash, confident, organized and appears to know what to do. Sometimes he’s right, sometimes he’s wrong but either way he’s someone who takes charge. Flash forward, now take ten leaders from ten groups, isolate them, step back and observe. This time it won’t be pretty. At least two of the men will battle for control. They will build alliances, the group will be divided and civil war will commence. The battle will rage on till there is one king of the jungle. Repeat this process over and over and over. Imagine that every time there is a battle, the same man comes out on top.

When this happens, a "Mogul" is born. "Moguls" are much more than simple leaders. In their mind’s eye they are omnipotent, almighty, better than. They have zero tolerance for incompetence or those they see as inferior to them. Their power is self-serving. They see people as pawns, assets, pluses and minuses on a balance sheet. They rule not for the people or of the people but in spite of the people. They are takers and opportunists. They build empires on the backs of men, women and children, which ever is more convenient. Some see "Moguls" as good and will give examples like Getty, Rockefeller and Kennedy Senior as men who used an iron fist where needed to evoke change and survival. While others point to the same list to argue that these men are only poor excuses of human beings that prove the old adage absolute power corrupts absolutely. It’s just as easy to add names to the list like Hitler, Genghis Khan, Gambino.

How do you know when you’re in the presence of a "Mogul"? It’s easy, he’ll be the one using fear and intimidation to sell his point of view. Power is as much a drug as heroin. Even in small doses it can be lethal. A lot of women I met said they were attracted to a powerful man. They told me that even the ugliest man became more appealing the higher up the echelon he climbed. "Moguls" are typically narcissists who eventually get taken down when the masses eventually have had enough and over throw him or father time takes the edge off .

In any battle of superiority, you will have a true leader or a "Mogul". The way to tell the difference is to see where the person places himself. The leader is on the front lines, the "Mogul" is at the rear.

Nowhere Man

In the 1960’s, John Lennon wrote the lyrics to a song appropriately titled "Nowhere Man". In the prose, he sang about a type of man that exists but has yet to make himself known. The opening of the song goes like this:

He’s a real nowhere man,

Sitting in his nowhere land,
Making all his nowhere plans for nobody.
Doesn’t have a point of view
Knows not where he’s going to,

Isn’t he a bit like you and me?

Lennon, a "Maverick" of his generation, was a true visionary. He wrote and sang about what he saw. In "Nowhere Man" he introduces us to a man non-apologetic about his existence or lack of determination. Possibly overwhelmed by the grandeur of it all "Nowhere Man" becomes a drifter without a compass or boat without a rudder. A non-goal oriented individual whose favorite sayings often spoken include, "That’s good enough, it can wait till tomorrow and don’t rock the boat". "Nowhere Men" are in no rush to get anywhere. Often they awake to the sun of a new day only looking to catch another twenty winks. Not necessarily self-absorbed as much as inherently lazy. Also known as the excuse makers, "Nowhere Men" shirk responsibility like most of us embrace it.

In the last line of Lennon’s first verse he hints that "Nowhere Man" is a little bit like you and me. And to a degree it’s hard to argue, there are probably quite a few of us that are a little lost and can’t find our way. The difference in the "Nowhere Man" is he doesn’t care if he’s lost. One "Nowhere Man" I interviewed replied, "Of all the places I’ve been, this is one of them!" "Nowhere Men" either can’t keep a job or have had the same one they’ve been holding on to since the day they turned 18.

"Nowhere Men" were one of the most difficult men for me to write about because as I interviewed them I found countless of them absolute geniuses and great orators. There was so much promise so much ability but no fire. A man with no drive is like a Ferrari with no fuel; it’s not going anywhere. The most frightening fact I found was (as I interviewed male after male with a lot of the same questions I used to categorize men. "Who are you?", "Where do you see your self in 5, 10, 15 years from now?" What are your priorities?) "Nowhere Men" were popping up everywhere! Men without direction or ambition were as common as grandma’s apple pie. By the time I sat down to write the article I found that nearly 80% of those interviewed fell into this category or the "Playboy" category ( to be discussed later). My only advice to women is, if your man is afraid of change, doesn’t know where he’s going and dreams of dying in front of his big screen watching "Monday Night Football" on his recliner with a cold one, it’s time to pack your bags. If however he is lost but asking for a roadmap, don’t abandon him. Most "Nowhere Men" have good hearts. Show him the forest from the trees and get out together.

The Warrior

Webster defines a "Warrior" as someone who is engaged in or experienced in battle. "Warriors" are ruled by their emotions or should I say their lack of control of them. "Warriors" in general are filled with rage. They are either in a fight, looking for a fight or starting a fight. At their most primitive levels they are abusers of women, children and society. Similar to the "Drama Mamas" I wrote about in the companion article to this piece, in the sense that they are pressure junkies. While most of us look for ways to relieve stress by fishing, sun bathing or reading a good book, "Warriors" look for ways to release their rage. One "Warrior" I interviewed who always seemed to look like a caged animal when he got a little stressed commented "I just need something to hit!" Controlled "Warriors" do find constructive ways to vent their anger. A lot of the "Warriors" I met installed heavy bags in their basements or garages that they could punch until their little hearts’ content. I also found a lot of "Warriors" who enjoyed weight lifting.

Another common trait of a "Warrior" is their voice. Practically all "Warriors" I met had a difficult time with indoor voices. They were always yelling at someone, pounding their fists, yelling till their faces turned red and their eyes popped out and the veins in their neck looked like road maps. I found "Warriors" were attracted to jobs that could supply a steady stream of adrenaline to keep their high. Courtroom attorneys, ER doctors, surgeons, professional athletes, mercenaries, police officers and even salesmen were all professions that could supply enough pressure and stress (that most of us avoid) to keep them fueled. I found "Warriors" at all ends of the educational spectrum, from the genius of the ER surgeon to the illiteracy of the street brawler. If you look at emotion the same way you describe the temperature of water, "Warriors" tend to run hot and cold. In their cold states, they are sensible, logical, charismatic. At their hot states, they are impulsive, erratic, unstable and combative. Practically every psychiatrist I interviewed told me that the rage is controllable and is actually most likely caused by a serotonin imbalance in their brains.

From a woman’s perspective, "Warriors" must be viewed with caution. A lot of women confuse the rage with drive and determination and find themselves calling "911" in a desperate cry for help. "Warriors" are goal setters but they are typically only concerned with the here and now. Almost all "Warriors" I interviewed were very poor long-range goal achievers. This could be explained by the fact that since their daily lives were so volatile, it would be hard to predict with any certainty any accurate future.

My final comment to women who choose to be with a "Warrior" is, "Proceed with caution."

Mr. Fix It

Everything breaks. Bones, toys, cars, space shuttles, us. "Fix It" men want to restore because that’s what they are at heart, they are restorers. "Fixers" aren’t necessarily looking to make things better than new, good as new will do. "Fixers" come in every shape, size and educational background. They can easily be identified by asking them what they are up to. "Fixers" will always reply with some project they are currently tackling. It could be restoring a 1969 Mustang to mint condition, the new addition to the house or working on their son’s batting swing.

"Fixers" have to stay busy. They are inherently hard workers. When or if they run out of things to fix in their own lives, they tend to poke around in the lives of others to pull out their tool kit. "Fixers" can be adoring and annoying all at the same time. Their favorite saying is, "Well, that’s not how I would do it." "Fixers" also like to start off sayings with, "The reality is…", so they can justify why they should be allowed to meddle or repair something. Since everything is in a constant state of flux "Fixers" don’t have anything to worry about in the sense that there won’t always be something to fix. Where a lot of "Fixers" get off track is when they confuse change with broken. They aren’t the same thing. Just because something isn’t the way it was in the past doesn’t mean it needs fixing. "Fixers" make great husbands. They are responsible, organized and good providers.

"Fixers" are loyal. They know how to keep their ship on course and those on it out of harms way.

When I asked women who believed they were married to "Fixers" how they liked it, most responded, "That it was great but irritating". When I asked them to elaborate, every single person said, "You try living with someone who always think they’re right!" And then quickly commented, "And the real sick part is 99 times out of 100, they are! That’s very annoying!" "Fixers" pride themselves on always having the facts. Where I was able to find cracks in the "Fixers" armor was when that "One time in a hundred" happens and they end up being wrong, they tend to refuse to accept it. "Fixers" are slow at changing core beliefs. Once they take a stand on something, it’s hard to get them uprooted.

Some women I interviewed said that while they like the security of being married to a "Fixer", they wished there was more spontaneity. More vicariousness and less rules. "Fixers" tend to only make decisions when they are sure they have weighed the pros and cons of every situation.

Of course the last thing a "Fixer" wants to do is make a mistake that will just require time and effort to fix. If there is any advice I would give to a "Fixer" is this, relax. Every now and then put your feet up and just relax. Let go of the reins. They’ll still be there when you get back from your siesta. And the second thing, everything isn’t life or death. Take things with more of a grain of salt and realize the world isn’t your responsibility to fix. To women marrying or married to "Fixers" keep enough projects around the house for them to work on or they may start wondering what you’re up to.

The Playboy

Without question I’ve saved, if not the best, clearly, the most interesting for last. There are basically two kinds of "Playboys"; rich "Playboys" and poor ones. Trust me when I say this, neither is a picnic or a stroll in the park to deal with. But if I had my druthers, I’d naturally pick a rich, narcissistic, good-for-nothing, life of the party before I’d pick a poor, narcissistic, good-for-nothing, life of the party. So we’ll start there, with the rich kid.

If we dissect the word "Playboy" we get "Play" (a guy just wants to have fun) and "boy" (never grows up, never takes responsibility). While it is true that the other seven types of men previously described can be either introverts or extroverts, "Playboys" can’t. They are only extroverts. Rich "Playboys" whether rich by inheritance, trust fund or just the plain lottery only see money as the means to an end. One "Playboy" I interviewed said, "The worst thing you can do with money is save it". That’s why many of today’s rich "Playboys" are tomorrow’s poor "Playboys". There is no moderation, no self-control, no self-discipline. Rich "Playboys" as with poor "Playboys" are attracted to instant satisfaction. A popular saying amongst "Playboys" I met was "If it feels good, do it."

Rich "Playboys" are a lot like fast food; they are convenient and tasty at first but you can’t have a steady diet of them. "Playboys" are different than "Nowhere Men" because a "Playboy" will go to great lengths to keep himself entertained; a "Nowhere Man" doesn’t. Some of the "Playboys" I met were intelligent but most were of the eye candy variety.

Poor "Playboys" were a sad mixture of lazy and leaches. Always looking for a free lunch. Poor "Playboys" are always on the look out for a "Sugar Momma" willing to pay the bills or some unethical get rich quick scheme. I asked some psychiatrists if a "James Bond 007" would fit the profile of a "Playboy" to which every doctor replied the same, "No". Bond’s primary goal was always saving the world. If he could get the girl and the loot along the way, why not? "Playboys" aren’t trying to invent anything, build anything, fix anything or get anywhere but a good time. A lot of people throw around the word "Player" to describe a "Playboy" and to some respects it fits. "Playboys" see life as a game, not a process with some underlying deeper meaning. And as long as it’s a game, they want to be the ones holding the dice. Sometimes they win (the girl, the money, the house, the car) with little or no effort at all. But most of the time they crap out. They don’t seem to understand that even when they’re on a winning streak if they keep rolling those dice, "Snake Eyes" is just around the corner.


Who are men? We’re scoundrels, we’re clergymen, we’re lovers, we’re fighters, we’re doers, we’re haters, we’re believers, we’re liars. You can deal with us, lock us up, marry us, divorce us, hate us or love us. Either way, we’re not going anywhere.

by Fred Cuellar the Diamond Guy®

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