How To Date A College Girl

So, you're dating a girl in her senior year of high school. She graduates and goes to college, but it's still close enough to date easily. The problem is, you're suddenly competing with people 2, 3, even 4 years older than you. How do you compete?


1.Break the stereotypes. Most colleges (at least in the south) have a vast majority of preppy or otherwise conforming student bodies. The key is not to try to fit in with their style to keep up, but rather maintain a style that is genuine, and that sets you apart from the thousands of conforming students she will be surrounded by.

2.Go all out. Most college students will approach a girl in a drunken stupor. This works on most, and can probably be humorous to girls. But you have to set yourself apart. Flowers, cards, serenading, every cliche romantic tool at your disposal must be used. This will also give her something sweet to compare to drunken frat kids hitting on her. This will give you the upper hand most likely. However, there is a fine line between "romantic" and overdone. You need to come off as mature- if not more- than the guys she's seeing everyday.

3.Never surrender. College schedules can be hectic, and studying intense, so do not expect to be able to hang out as much as you could in high school. Work out dates far in advance. If she has to reschedule at the last second, be understanding, she is probably just as upset as you are.

4.Do not waste your time together. Do your best to make every moment she spends with you the best part of her day. Your goal is to make sure she has nothing to think about, to make sure she relaxes and to help relieve the stress of college. Even small gestures matter. Pick her up, walk her to her dorm, open doors (of course) and depending on the situation don't make her choose dinner, just pick something you think she would enjoy.

5.Let her know of your future plans, goals, and ambitions. Since she's busy working towards her future, it's good to let her know that you've got your eye on yours, too.

6.Not being jealous is key- she needs to know that you trust her and care about her, even if you can't see her as often as you might like. No one likes a too-clingy boyfriend.


• This is straight up war; if you don't use every method of seduction, romance, flirting and courting you have at your disposal, you could face a checkmate.
• Never give up. Times can be tough, you may not see her much, but the key is of course to make the moments you have together magical.
• If you make sure the best part of her days are when you are with her, and she still dumps you, try to stay in contact with her, because maybe, just maybe, she will realize how much she looked forward to the time you spent together.
• Acting jealous or fighting with her about every time she doesn't answer her phone won't do any good. She probably just left her parents' house and is on her own for the first time, and she won't want anyone else telling her what to do.
• Maturity is key! This is the biggest thing you're competing against.


• Never tell her of your plight. As far as she is concerned, you are entirely confident you can keep her happy through college. If you act mature and unfazed by the new situations, things should work themselves out.
• Remember, the likelihood you're going to stay with this girl forever is virtually nil, so you might gain some maturity by letting her go once it gets harder. It is entirely possible to stunt your own emotional growth by holding on too tightly.

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