How To Deep Relaxation

This is similar to meditation, but does not require a calm environment. It can be done absolutely anywhere by absolutely anyone. It is also a great way to catch up on lost sleep. Twenty minutes of this is purported to be equivalent to four hours of sleep.


1.Memorize the following instructions.

2.Get yourself into as comfortable a position as possible. You don't have to cross your legs. If you are planning to relax for a long period of time, try not to slouch too much, but you don't have to keep straight and tall either.

3.Close your eyes.

4.Take deep breaths. Don't do huge noisy gasps; breath in through your nose for as long as you feel comfortable, hold it (don't carry on holding it when it begins to get hard; 7 seconds will do), and slowly breath out through your mouth. Remember to be quiet.

5.Tense your left leg as hard as you can, then your right leg, left arm, right arm then neck, head and chest. You don't have to do it in that particular order, but doing the chest bit last often works best.

6.Imagine you are really heavy, being pulled down by gravity into your seat.

7.Imagine a scene.It should include:

• a pool of some kind
• a bed
• a seat
• It's best to think of this beforehand.

8.Imagine you are there. Explore the scene, using each of the three essential items. All the time you are getting heavier.

9.Finish your little adventure in a comfortable place, namely, the seat or bed, so heavy you can no longer move anything. Gradually speed up your breathing and very slowly open your eyes.


• Keep your breathing steady throughout the process.


• Don't worry about other people thinking you are weird. It is perfectly normal to shut your eyes for a while, especially if you are on a train or in a waiting room.
• Breath quietly, otherwise people will think you're nuts.

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