How To Dress For A First Date - Women

Most women simply love to dress up and a first date is no exception. The guy you've had your eye on has finally plucked up the courage to ask you out and suddenly, as if by magic, you have absolutely nothing to wear. Don't worry we've all been there. If you are looking for some tips on how to dress for a first date you have come to the right place. The ideas and suggestions below should fill in the gaps and leaving you feeling more confident about this special occasion. Read on for great advice on how to dress for a first date.

* The way you dress for a first date says a lot about who you are and provides some important visual clues to your partner. A word of caution however. When it comes to a first date you may not really want to divulge the closet hippy or femme fatale lurking within. Don't wear clothes that are very revealing or expose too much of your body.

If you do wear a skirt it should reach your knees at least and tops or shirts should never reveal a bra-line or too much cleavage. (Leave that for when you get to know each other a little better).

* How you choose to dress should show your date you respect him enough to make a good impression. It can also make you feel a lot more confident and relaxed on your first day or night out with the object of your affection.

* The outfit, shoes and accessories you choose to wear should be chosen with care and attention to detail and should indicate that you have made a special effort for your date. Don't overdress in an effort to make an impression. A little black number isn't famous for its over-the-top detail after all!

Keep it simple and if you absolutely must be daring go for a halter neck top or TINY slit in your skirt.

* Don't dress too casually or too formally. Go for a smart-casual look that is not too understated or too bold and daring. Add a touch or two that says "I am unique'.

Never wear an item of clothing that is show-offish or obviously accentuates your body on a first date. Your date will notice that you work out under basic clothing too!

Always dress for a first date in clothing that is both neat and clean. This says a lot about your personal hygiene, self-respect and ability to take care of yourself. Make a good effort to be as presentable as possible - wash and style your hair. Make sure your teeth are brushed and bathe or shower before your date.

* Avoid buying a new outfit when you dress for a first date. This can make you appear to be trying too hard and will make your date wonder what the rest of your wardrobe looks like.

New clothes can also be uncomfortable and the last thing you need is to discover that your bra has come unhooked or your new skirt shows off more than your legs!

* Consider wearing a favorite outfit if it suits the occasion - This will make you feel confident and comfortable and this translates into better self-esteem at a time when you are likely to be a tad nervous.

* Choose your outfit based on the venue for the date. If you are going to a rock concert, you could go with ultra-trendy or semi-casual but don't overdo it with a death-metal T-shirt (unless you know your date will be wearing one too!) or green streaked hair.

* Colors you may consider wearing when you dress for a first date include blues, black (don't overdo it) and earthy tones like brown or beige. You could also go with the latest fashion colors like pink or orange, but keep it understated. This is not the time to be sporting that really short, really red, backless mini-dress.

* Stick to basic fabrics and add interesting touches with a suede jacket or silk scarf. If you are wearing pants (a perfectly acceptable choice these days). You might want to avoid leather on a first date and please, please don't wear a hat (unless you are going to a rodeo or sports event, that is!).

* Clothing items you can try are a nice smart blouse and skirt set, a skirt and twin set or a simple dress with strappy sandles. If you absolutely must wear denim, make sure it's a fairly new pair and pick a smart-casual shirt that will tone in with the blue or black denim. As with denim, jeans and a T-shirt will only work if the venue is outdoors and super-casual.

* Don't forget your shoes and stockings when you dress for a first date. Many a fabulous outfit has been ruined by forgetting to wear a good pair of shoes and stockings if appropriate. Always choose your shoes to match your outfit for example a summer dress and airy sandals or boots and a calf length skirt in winter.

*Your shoes should be clean and polished if need be and suit the time and place, your outfit and the weather. Make sure your shoes tone with your suit or pants if you are wearing one, and that they are clean. If you are going to invest in anything new for a first date, a new pair of shoes would be it, but make 100% sure that they are comfortable.

* Pay attention to your accessories - These include your watch, belt and any jewelry you may be wearing and other items like cell phones or pagers. For example, if you are separated, or in the process of a marriage break-up don't wear your wedding band or engagement ring.

Dressing for a First Date - Women

*Your jewelry should be clean and understated. Check that your watch is working and if it has an alarm make sure it is turned off. Leave your cell phone or pager at home! When you dress for a first date you don't want to appear to be tied to your work or anybody else!

* Pay close attention to your grooming and hygiene. ALWAYS bathe or shower before setting out for a first date and make sure that any after shave, cologne or mouthwash isn't too overpowering. Never chew gum.

To conclude, when you dress for a first date make sure you don't under or overdo it. Always dress in clothes that are neat, clean and ironed and make sure you leave your 'crazy clothes' in the cupboard.

A first date is a time to get to know the object of your affection and to establish a solid relationship based on mutual respect so don't get too tied up in what you are wearing but do make sure you create a lasting impression!

Good luck!

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