How To Ease Depression

When you feel sad, with or without a reason, and you are sick and tired from feeling this way endlessly, there are some relaxation techniques that can help you to take charge again in an easy and gentle way. Practicing these will restore a small level of energy on which you can build to gradually make yourself feel better over time. Never overdo it and be gentle on yourself as there is still a long journey ahead. It also helps to accept that there are times in life when feeling this way is perfectly normal.


1.Get a paper and pen. Make yourself comfortable and put on some soft, relaxing music. As you sit or lie comfortably listening to the mellow music, make a list of things that you feel might be contributing to your depression.

2.Project yourself into the future and how you would rather be than the feelings you are experiencing now. Addressing each cause of your sadness, try to come up with solutions that relate to each item on your list.

3.Learn to let go. It will soon become clear that there are some things that can never be changed. For instance, you cannot change the way another person is but you can change how you interact with them. In fact, you can choose not to interact in many cases. Or, you cannot change what your government is doing as a single human being but you can join with others and activate for change through peaceful and legal channels. For the things on the list that aren't solvable, either come up with some more general response that is active or resort to a self-protective and passive response which includes practicing meditating to let the sadness go and acceptance that there are some things that can never be changed.

4.Surround yourself with peaceful imagery, objects and sounds. Clear out any clutter that may be disturbing your life. Ask friends and family to only call when it is convenient for you or screen difficult people so that you can only meet with them when you feel strong enough.

5. Try relaxation techniques as a daily routine. Here is one suggested simple routine that you can try anywhere. After a time, you will feel confident to modify to suit your needs:

• Find a quiet, non-distracting place where you won't be disturbed. • Sit up straight with one ankle in front of the other.
• Place the backs of your hands on your knees.
• Let your eyes close all the way or half-way -- whichever feels more comfortable.
• Focus on your breath moving in and out of your body.
• Count one on the inhale and two on the exhale until you get to ten, then start over at one.
• Whenever a thought passes through your mind, start over at one and continue to focus completely on your breath.
• It will probably be difficult to sit still at first, but after practicing meditation for a few days, you should feel calmer and better able to cope.

6. Do not neglect to use the relaxation techniques as a daily part of your life. They will sustain you even when you begin to feel stronger; remember that they are a source of your strength in our stressed out world.


• Look up yoga centers in the phone book or online to see about taking a class, or check out a yoga video from the library or YouTube.
• Exercising every day can make a huge difference in your emotional health. The endorphins boost your well-being and give you a sense of greater energy. Exercise helps to clear away the blues. And the great thing is that exercise can be as simple as walking the dog or as complex as taking judo classes. As long as you push your body to get out of its rut.
• Often you will feel sad post holiday season or post vacations. Realize this for what it is - that you are making a transition back into real life and it may take a week or two to feel back in the routine.

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