How To Flirt With Your Husband

After the "honeymoon" period of marriage, how do you keep up the spice in your romantic life? Well the passion doesn't have to end with being newlyweds, try these tried and true flirtation methods on your husband to keep his eyes on YOU ONLY!

Things You’ll Need:

• Confidence in yourself
• Sexy lingerie
• The natural seductive beauty that every wife has inside

Step 1:

BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE UP - Use affirmations to do this. You may feel silly at first but stand in a full length mirror in your sexiest lingerie and admire your own beauty; add a touch of make up if you'd like. While admiring the beauty of you think of your husband and repeat " I AM A BEAUTIFUL SENSUAL BEING I AM DESIRED WITH INTENSITY BY MY HUSBAND " It is important that you build up your excitement for him during this phase because it will in turn build up your confidence.

Step 2:

CATCH HIM OFF GUARD - The element of surprise is key here. Now that you are feeling seductive catch him engrossed in his favorite activity (t.v., video game playing etc.) Sneak up next to him and engage in dialogue.

Step 3:

PLAY UP YOUR FEMININITY - Utilize all the beautiful things that make you a woman. Sit next to him, cross your leggs making sure to let one touch his legg. Whisper and purr in his ear. Suddenly you realize that the floor in front of him is dirty and you must bend over to tidy it up. (you get the picture) Suddenly the flirtation will be mutual.

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