How to Get the Girl of your Dreams

You have the Greek God looks, 6-pack abs, bulging biceps et all. But if you cannot seduce a woman, it is a big waste. After all, looks are not everything. Even dorky looking guys can get the prettiest damsels, if they know how to seduce a woman. In case you are among the clueless lot, fret no more. We bring you creative ideas for seducing women. Go through these tips for seducing a girl to get that girl of your dreams.

She comes First

While with your woman, do not let your eyes stray no matter how beautiful (read hot) the woman on the next table is. Your woman is special. Focus on her because she is beautiful in her own way.

Think out of the Box

Whatever you do, be creative. It never hurts to flaunt your creativity and trust me, women love it. Buy her a nice gift, and be genuine when you give it to her. Don't do it as if you are being forced to do it. Even while talking, indulge in a conversation that interests her too. Get to know your common interests and talk about it. Do not talk about mundane things like how boring your work is, ex-girlfriends, or too much about yourself.

Basic Hygiene

It is NOT important to look like Brad Pitt to seduce a woman. Just be yourself and most importantly, be well groomed. No woman would like her man to be unclean with shabby hair and dirty clothes. Take a shower, shave and apply some nice smelling cologne. Your attire need not be a business suit. Even a simple pair of CLEAN jeans and a nice tee with a trendy belt and a classy watch can make a style statement.


Believe it or not, women love to engage in intellectual conversation. It is a big turn-on for a woman. So do not think she is some bimbo who cannot think. Strike a conversation and you will be amazed by how much women know. Talking always breaks the ice and seduction becomes easier once the woman is comfortable. The best way to start a good conversation is by a genuine compliment.


Women today believe that chivalry is dead. Prove them wrong by being a gentleman. Of course chivalry is not limited to opening the door or pulling the chair for her. Treat her like a princess, respect her for what she is and tell her how beautiful she is. There is nothing is more chivalrous than a man respecting his woman.

Sense of Touch

Do not touch her in an offensive way. Women can be defensive in seconds if touched in a way that is degrading. Just touch her slightly on her hands and even shoulders. Give her a formal hug and keep your hands under control.

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