How To Keep Your Marriage Exciting After The Honeymoon

So many couples fall into the trap of getting so comfortable with each other that the seduction slips away while the sweatpants slip on. It is not that hard to keep romance alive. It doesn't take much more work than tying your shoes.

Step 1:

Routines are great...for cheerleaders and elementary school activities. Routines at home can dry out romance. Every now and then, do something a little different. While cooking dinner, turn on some tunes and slow dance in the kitchen. No radio nearby, dance to the tunes in your head.

Step 2:

Plan getaways over the weekend. They don't have to be far or expensive. Even a hotel stay at a fancy hotel in your current city or a nice bed and breakfast stay in a neighboring town is a perfect way to stay connected and enjoy each other's time.

Step 3:

Leave little love notes for each other when least expected. Make it super fun and go to a language translator online and have your love note translated into a foreign language. Then your significant other will have to play detective to translate your love note. A flubbed translation can cause quite a laugh, which is also a great way to stay connected.

Step 4:

Find a similar hobby and enjoy it together. When you were dating, you may have pretended to enjoy certain things just to spend time together. This time be honest about what you like and find something that is fun to do together.

Step 5:

Keep laughing with each other. Don't take things too seriously that you forget to smile and laugh with each other, but not always at each other, as feelings can be hurt.

Step 6:

Because you have children does not mean that you cannot still have a nice dinner for two. If your children are little, serve them first and then ship them off to Grandma's or a movie in another room. If your children are older, have them serve you at the candlelit supper that you two get dressed up for.

Step 7:

Live like this is the last day you have. Tell your love how much he or she means to you.

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