How To Know He'S The One

Love is a blissful feeling and when someone is in love, emotions run high. While the heart takes the center stage, the head is left far behind. Everything appears rosy and lovey-dovey for the twosome. However, when it comes to making a choice as a lifetime partner, almost everyone is confused. Even after loving a person for months, things might take an uncertain turn. So, the most likely thing that you should follow is to listen to the head. While the heart has done the job it is now the turn of the head to act wisely and rationally and show signs that would indicate that he is the one for you. Read on and find out how to know he’s the one for you.

Signs That He Is The One For Me

• The most important thing is that you should be comfortable with him. It is often that only our family and close friends know what we actually are. Others see only a specific part of our personality. If he knows about each and every aspect of your personality and still loves you, only then is he the one for you.

• The best way to know that a guy is the perfect one for you is to play a memory game with yourself. When you are in love, you unknowingly remember all the important dates - the first meeting, first kiss, birthday and dates that are important to you both. Does he remember all this?

• Make sure that you are in love with the ‘natural’ him. You must like him even when he is not all dressed up and does not look his best. The more you love him the way he is naturally, the more you get closer in the relationship.

• Check on to find if he is a decent boy, with good mannerism. It might seem not necessary right now, but will become very important in the future.

• Do you talk about him often? Are you comfortable talking about something he has done, with your closest pal or family? Do you see him alongside your father playing games at a picnic?

• It is also very important for you to feel comfortable with him while discussing things about your past and also about your future. You should be able to visualize yourself with him in the next five or ten years, happily married and leading a contented life.

• Both of you should have similar grounds - your outlook in life should not be very distant from the other. Otherwise, it will surely create rough edges in the future. It might look okay now, but would turn out to be a serious problem when you are together.

• It is also very necessary to find out what he thinks about you. Though he might not tell you the thing he dislikes about you, he might say this to someone close or during times when he thinks you are not listening. Pretend to sleep. At times, men often say what they feel for a woman when she is asleep. This can be the best way of knowing his feelings.

• Lastly, have a long-term vision for yourself. If a guy is the on for you, he will be someone you can be happy with, for a long time. He should be able to keep you in high spirits always and encourage you to grow. He should be able to make you feel good about yourself.

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