How To Lose Weight Without Dieting At All

Why do most diets fail? Why do most people gain all lost weight after dieting? Learn how some simple changes will help you stay slim for ever.

Although undergoing a diet may sound as the only possible path to lose weight, in fact, most diets do not work at all or people lose a great amount of initial weight and then reach a plateau hard to move from. In a worse case scenario, dieters gain back all the lost weight as soon as they stop dieting.

There have been several strange diets over time, and some of the most worrying features are: starving, eating strange combinations of food, banned foods, eating at regular times whether you are hungry or not, etc.

This article discusses why most diets fail, why some don't even work at all, and why those that work shouldn't be even called diets. Then, this article will explain how it is possible to lose weight in a sensible manner, without risking your health, without starving, without exercising to exhaustion, without counting calories, fat, carbohydrates, portions… In fact, to lose weight without dieting at all.

Why Do Diets Fail?

First, let's discuss the rationale behind the failure of most diets. The human body is a wonderful machine, and it still remembers the time when our ancestors used to starve for weeks until they were able to catch an animal to eat ten thousand years ago. Nature equipped us with two basic eating related modes: starving mode and abundance mode.

When primitive humans had enough to eat, their bodies adapted to the condition of plentifulness. This is, fat was easily stored in the body, they felt hungry often and were full of energy. On the other hand, when they were forced to do without food for more than several days, their bodies felt hungry less often, and extra fat was burned very carefully, just the enough amount in order to have enough energy to look for food.

Simple as that, this marvelous mechanism that helped us to stay alive is exactly why low calorie diets fail. As soon as we start eating much less than usual, our body says: "Starvation is coming, let"s save energy!'. Therefore, we stop losing weight and feeling hungry. Since many diets make us eat far less than we are supposed to, we switch to starving mode.

Which Diet Will Help Me Lose Weight And Not Gain It Again?

None at all. Only a change of eating habits will help people reduce weight gradually and stay healthy at the same time. First of all, stop dieting for good. These small changes are not a diet, but simple common sense that will reduce the amount of calories without feeling hungry or in a bad mood.

Eat when you are hungry. Only you know when to eat, so eat when you are feeling really hungry, not whenever you want to or are supposed to. Pay attention to hunger signals, do not confuse appetite or thirst with hunger. Therefore, you won't feel hungry.

Drink plenty of water all throughout the day, at least eight glasses of water. As a rule of thumb, drink two small glasses fifteen minutes before any meal, to avoid overeating. Sometimes thirst is confused with hunger.

Eat whatever you want. Yes, no forbidden foods. Just common sense: instead of eating five big bags of chips a week, just have two small ones, or share meals with friends and family. If there are forbidden foods, it only makes them more desirable.

Add more vegetables and fruits to your plate. If you eat more greens you won't be adding a significant amount of calories and you will add plenty of vitamins and antioxidants to your body. Eating more vegetables and fruits is an inexpensive and tasty way to cut down on calories without even noticing.

Learn to substitute. Change your normal milk to skimmed milk, for instance. As a rule of thumb, you can switch to "light", "diet" or "reduced" versions of your favorite products as long as you eat as much as you used to eat before, or even less. If you eat more, then there's no gain in the switch.

Exercise regularly, at least twenty minutes three times a week. You don't need to join a gym to do so. Just walking is enough to jump start your metabolism. If you think you don't have enough time to start a walking plan, then stop using the car so much, for instance, park a few blocks away from work, or take the children to school on foot, dance as you do the house chores, etc.

Finally, the last common sense tip is: realization. Visualize yourself as a healthier person and set goals. Realistic goals such as feeling better, putting on those jeans or bikini, losing those pounds you hate, you name it. If you can visualize yourself a s a healthier person then you can achieve it.

This article discussed why most diets fail, while sticking to some healthy, common sense eating habits helps people lose weight gradually and without risking their health by undergoing starving diets. Those habits are just part of a more natural, holistic way of losing weight without dieting again.

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