How To Marry The Man Of Your Dreams

I'm not a psychologist. But, I know what I'm talking about. Unlike many so called relationship "experts", I'm actually very happily married. It is my first and only marriage to a man who adores me and our children. He truly is the man of my dreams. He might have been the man of your dreams too. I know there were several women who went mildly, or not so mildly berserk when they learned he was getting married. Sorry.

So, here's what you need to do:

1) Get rid of the loser you're NOT going to marry.

Okay, maybe he's not a loser. Maybe he's a wonderful guy. But, you'll never find Mr. Right unless you're available. If you want to get married, don't date someone you know you won't marry.

2) Imagine that Mr. Right will be wherever you're going.

Maybe you're going to the market or to the library, to the car wash or to the beach. Although you don't need false eyelashes at the market, you also don't want to be wearing scary baggy pants with your hair an unruly mess. You can do that later, after you're married.

3) Read the newspaper.

I recommend the New York Times. So many young women don't read the paper.  Even if you do it just to catch a man, I promise it will sometimes be interesting. Start with the Style section on Sunday and Thursday. You need something interesting to talk about on your dates.

4) Lose some of your "rules"

Okay, if your rules are 1) must have job 2) no prison record 3) no machine guns, keep those rules. I mean the rules like 1) must wear a suit to work 2) must have full head of hair 3) must be over 6' tall. Those rules are ridiculous. Katie Holmes would never have married the totally hot and totally straight (he's married and has a new baby right?) Tom Cruise because he's just 5'8". Lots of great guys are under 6'0 tall, lots of great guys are bald. 

Okay, let's be clear with this. Money can come and go.  Don't marry for money. But, don't marry some loser with no ambition who will never be able to provide for you or your future children. Saying no to bald might be saying goodbye to Mr. Right, saying no to mullets and comb-pvers makes good sense

5) NEVER date anyone married.

Even if you don't personally find it despicable, no decent man will date another if he's still married. He won't marry you, and if he did, wouldn't you be worried? And, if you do date a married loser and regain consciousness, a great guy in the future might be not be able to deal with the EEEEEWWWWWWW factor.

Okay, this enough fabulous advice for now. I have to get in bed with my hot husband, But first I'll go in and check on our beautiful children.

I will have more info for all you single gals soon so keep checking back.

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