How To Recognize Your Soul Mate

You will recognize a soul mate because the existence of their vibration has matching color frequencies or sound waves to you. Unless you are clairvoyant (psychic vision) or are clairaudient (extra sensory hearing), you will not be able to see or hear the evidence of a soul mate. A soul is naturally clairsentient (the ability to feel energy). When we open our hearts, our aptitude to sense energy is heightened. You will feel the resonance of a soul mate inside your physical body.

In the presence of a soul mate, you may begin to tingle beneath your skin or get a warm fuzzy expansive feeling where the air touches your skin. This is where your aura resides. If you make love with this person, your whole body may begin to vibrate. You will feel like the cells in your body are humming, buzzing. If you haven’t experienced this yet, you’ll definitely know when it’s happening to you!

The challenge of meeting a soul mate is you are this amazing energy of existence that lives within self-created limitations. You only see elements of who you are. When you move into the flow of life’s currents, a sense of connection is experienced. Except you keep stepping out of the flow because you unconsciously fear being carried to a dangerous place. This locale is The Great Mystery. This is your soul’s home. There is nothing to fear here.

Why in The Wizard of Oz does Dorothy click her red shoes three times and say, “There’s no place like home”? A wise part of her knows that there is a place where she may experience true love. The undeveloped parts of her have to go through initiations that will test her desire for love.

In The Alchemist the young boy concludes at the end of his adventures that the best place to be is home. He needed to visit environments different from his existence to awaken gratitude for what he already had. It may be hard to understand this, especially when you have responsibilities of paying bills, holding down a job, family responsibilities, and a string of failed relationships.

If you could see the full magnificence of who you are, you would never fear again. You would always feel love. This is the soul’s purpose. Will you listen to the needs of your soul?

Affirm: “I am open to the loving guidance of my soul. I willingly create space for love in my life now.”

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