How To Save Your Marriage

By katiespen, eHow Member

When you exchanged vows, you promised your spouse that you would stay with them "until death do you part." So what happened to get you to the point that you are considering divorce? If you can remember what made you fall in love in the first place, you can learn how to save your marriage by following these simple tips.


1 Schedule some time together. Turn off your cell phones, your television and your instant messenger. Now sit down together and really listen to each other. Share your feelings with your spouse and listen to them share their feelings as well.

2 Write each other love letters. Taking the time to send your spouse a little reminder that you love them can really help you reconnect. Plus, emphasizing your significant other's best qualities can remind you what made you fall in love in the first place.

3 Plan a date night. Many couples get so comfortable with each other after being married for several years that they stop dressing up for each other and going out on dates. You can re-energize your relationship with your spouse by planning a night out once a week when you have no choice but to dress your best.

4 Do something for yourself. If you're feeling self-conscious about your body, you're probably going to reflect that onto your spouse. Create an exercise program to help you lose weight and eat a balanced diet. Buy yourself a new outfit for date night, or spend a day at the spa. Do something that makes you feel better about yourself.

5 Make your spouse your number one priority. With work and kids demanding your constant attention, it's easy to ignore the other adult in your life. But someday it will once again just be the two of you, and you are going to find that you no longer truly know the person sleeping beside you. Take a moment each day for your spouse and let them know you're thinking about them throughout the day.

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