How To Seduce A Man

Marilyn Monroe

Follow this method and become an expert in the art of seducing a man. Seduction is an art like poetry or dance. Its intent is to make a person feel unsatisfied--unsatisfied until he can have you.


1.Get your confidence up. This can mean doing things such as getting a new haircut, new clothes, losing weight, or just reminding yourself of your great qualities. You need to make the man like you before you can make a move.

2.Spread mysterious, taboo-filled rumors about yourself. A good example is "yeah, I'm kinda seeing a guy, but I can't talk about it because he's a lot older. It's nothing serious." If you glaze over the truth, it seems more interesting than it really is. Guys will hear about it and be intrigued.

3.Use a seductive tone of voice. Not too nasal, not too high -- throaty and soft is most appealing.

4.Wear clothing that is fashionable and shows just enough skin to make men want to see more. But don't overdo the skin thing. DO NOT BE VERY TOUCHY-FEELY! It may seduce them at first but in the long run, who wants to be with the girl who has been touched by everybody else?

5.Learn to dance. Dancing is one of the most seductive things a girl can do.

6.Learn to walk like a model: strong, confident, with a good swagger and with excellent posture.

7.Wait until you can tell he is interested. The signs may not be obvious, but sometimes you have to go out on a limb; remember, most men find attention from women quite flattering.

8.Be flirty with your target. Let him know that you're interested, possibly by glancing or winking at him. When you talk to him, lean in and show some cleavage--even if you don't have much. The point is to show that you're happy with your body and you don't mind that he gets a preview.

9.Hint at your target's weak points. If he works too much, suggest that he is missing out on a lot of fun. If he is a party animal, suggest that he will never get a girl unless he makes money.

10.Ignore him for a little while. Give him the space and time to forget about the things that may have turned him off and fantasize about the good things. Never reveal too much of yourself because you almost certainly will turn him off. Another idea is to cancel plans you made with him and give a sincere, heartfelt apology.

11.Touch him, perhaps on the hand or wrist. This will subtly demonstrate that you are interested.

12.Offer him a massage to help break down physical barriers or say that you are sleepy and put your head on his shoulder. If he is shy, back off or leave the room for a while to let him get over his shyness and fantasize about where it could have gone from there.

13.Get in close. Talk to him, and let him know you like him. Guys like to hear that they are wanted just as much as girls do. If he has a slim or medium build, say how strong he is. If he is not so smart, tell him how smart he is (at the right time). Say that it feels good when he holds you. Also, just listen to him.

14.Make eye contact with your target. The eyes are said to be windows to the soul, and you want to make sure he knows you're trying to get inside his soul. When you are locked in a loving glance, talk about small stuff like the weather, the movie you just saw, or dinner and use short simple words. Talk only about the present moment.

15.Be a little mysterious

16.It's up to you whether to take it to the next level or not. If he thinks of you as a conquest, tell him that and leave. He will fall in love with you eventually. If you feel he genuinely adores you, take it all the way.


• Seduction works on the brain. It's the art of making a guy fall in love with you against his will. If he is attracted to you at first, that doesn't count as a seduction and you need more practice.

• A successful seduction does not necessarily end in the bedroom. If work, a girlfriend, a wife or family get in the way, a love affair can be maintained beneath the radar and without much contact. A faithful boyfriend or husband may need to ignore you to resist the temptation you present.

• Wear clothing which makes you feel and look sexy. Enhance your cleavage with a well-fitting bra, learn to put on makeup in the way that is most suitable to your features, and show skin.

• Always pay a good deal less attention to your target than he pays to you. For every three times you feel him glance at you, glance at him once. If he has not noticed you, do not visibly notice him. However, when your eyes meet, do not be the first to look away. This will give you seductive power.

• Don't be afraid to point out your target's weaknesses, ignore your target, or cancel a date IF your target is definitely interested in you. This will augment the interest to intrigue.

• When you sit, cross your legs and never rest your back on the seat.

• Balance out your masculine features with feminine ones. Your overall look should be 50-100% feminine. If you have small breasts and less curves, if you are tall or if you are not so pretty, wear a thin dress that shows lots of skin, wear makeup, and wear your hair long (e.g. Maria Sharapova). If you naturally look pretty and feminine, you have the option of cutting your hair short, wearing denim, or going out with less makeup (e.g. Halle Berry). Also make sure your personality is 50-100% feminine.

• Wear a light attractive scent. This means layering scents. Bathe in scented bath oils first. Then apply a light powder in the same scent. Finally spray the same scented perfume in front of you and walk into the mist. Do this about 45 minutes before you see him. If you overpower him with your scent, instead of wanting to edge a bit closer he will be running for the nearest exit.

• Candlelight and music set the scene for seduction. Soft lighting minimizes lines and wrinkles and gives your skin a bit of a glow. Keep candles handy or lamps that have adjustable lighting. In soft lighting you can be his dream woman and you can feel better about undressing in front of him.

• Don't agree with everything he says. Have a mind of your own and comment back. It is good to have a different point of view when you converse.

• Try different perfumes to find out what men like.

• Find things you have in common with him. If he is having troubles in his life, sympathize with him.

• The most important thing is to promise your target whatever it is that they are missing. If they have a hot, willing girlfriend, all the cleavage in the world won't help, but chances are she is neglecting him in other areas - maybe she doesn't listen or take care of him (we all know the surest way to a man's heart is his stomach, right?), so you need to offer whatever your competition cannot. Make him feel like a King, like someone important (but never let him walk all over you) and he will always come back for more. This is how you keep your man, too.

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