How To Seduce A Man - End Of The Mystery?

The age old question of seduction has been around for thousands of years. Its as relevant today as when Cleopatra was strutting her stuff a few centuries ago old school style. Without question, I'm quite sure a thousand years from now women will be having the same debate and fearing it is a complicated answer.

Being a man of 31 years and still remaining single, I've seen my share of womanly tactics. Some good, some bad and I hate to take the mystery out of this great question but seducing a man is not that difficult. Let me explain the basic concepts of a man to you.

Men are visual creatures and we are problem solvers. We communicate and interact with our environment much differently than women, so there are obviously going to be a natural communication glitch from day #1. Our friendships with other men (i.e. Our Boys), our personalities, and our outlooks on life are vastly different. This can be attributed to cultural and/or traditional roles, such as the commonly known "Me Tarzan, you Jane" theory, or it could be something as simple as not fully comprehending what the opposite sex is thinking and saying to one another. Otherwise, why would Men are from Mars, Woman are from Venus been a best seller for so long.

So lets build up a collection of a woman's best options on gaining a man's attention, and more appropriately, his affections:

1.All men are visual. This is your single most important weapon in your seduction technique. Men will look, stare, gawk, and oogle every woman that looks visually appealing to us. An illustrative example is, how many times have women noticed men talking or listening to your chest. More than once I'm sure. Its not always intentional, but hopefully that simple example can quantify how valuable a man's visual senses are to him. So use this principle against him. Similarly, this is directly applicable to the "he's a leg man" principle comes into play.

2.All men enjoy having their ego boosted. This can vary tremendously between men, but women are rather adept at identifying personality traits so use your best judgment here. Complement him in some small way to test the waters and depending upon his reaction, you can add more or scale it back. Nothing works better than petting your man on the head and giving him a Scooby Snack (the famous Scooby Doo dog cartoon) than praising him for doing something of value to you.

3.All men like attention, especially in private. Varying degrees of subtlety will work depending upon the man, but initiating physical contact with him should get you a well received message that will tell you if he is interested in your advances. Touching his arm, sitting close to him, or laying your head on his shoulder are universal signs that we know well.

4.Both men and women have highly evolved senses of smell. In fact, it is widely believed that our sense of smell has the greatest probability of recalling a past memory. So when you get close to us, that sweet smell of perfume on your neck or the smell of your hair is a definite attention grabber and will literally have a euphoric affect.

5.Playing off of #1, a great smile and beautiful eyes will turn a man into silly putty if applied correctly. To men, a simple smile or laugh can change our entire perception of a situation involving a woman because we are often concentrating on what you are thinking. Therefore, if you give him some positive feedback at the beginning of your meeting, it will obviously speed things in your favor.

6.Men LOVE the art of seduction. The thrill of the chase is always a welcome turn-on for a man, so it never hurts to play hard to get. Play this tactic by your own comfort standards because every situation requires a tweaking of the game plan. So be observant and apply what you have learned to your own style of seduction.

7.Last but not least, express your sexuality with confidence and without hesitation. Having a confident partner is very gratifying for a man and will increase his desire to be with you. That is a very PC way of saying "he will want you 24 hours, 7 days per week", but there is substantial proof supporting me here. Remember, I'm the end user of these tactics so trust me that men always remember their "uninhibited encounters."

This may seem like a lot of information, but these techniques are often intuitive for most women simply because it feels natural to want to be with your partner. Just remember that the previously mentioned seduction tactics are not to be applied rigidly. Everyone is unique in their own ways, and the tactics should be conformed to your own comfort levels and situation.

Although, with all of this being said, it never hurts to remember another tried and true method of seducing a man... How do you seduce a man per se? Just show up! We'll take care of the rest.

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