How To Seduce A Man Using His Horoscope

Art of seduction is the most ancient kind of female activity on Earth. Individual approach to every separate male is the main factor in a successful “hunter’s” skill. And, nevertheless, there’re still certain rules in a man’s behavior. Regardless of date of birth, all people are connected with one of four elements Fire, Aqua, Earth and Air. Your task is to learn conquering and subduing each of unruly elements.

Fire Man (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Fire man is assured he’s a present time hero. Don’t disappoint him in this. He hates any (even constructive) criticism and reacts to the slightest doubt in his oneness painfully. And flattery could not have come at a better time. And don’t be afraid to go too far with compliments: this is that case, when compliments are always in time.

Wind Man (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Most often such man feels he’s a potential victim, that’s why you should not rush to the attack. He sees marriage bonds, unceasing baby’s crying and drudgery for the sake of family behind passionate looks and touches. Friendship and freedom are keywords for representatives of air signs. It is friendship that an experienced hunter will use as bait. However, it’s not easy to chum up with this gentleman: you need to interest him with a captivating conversation, intrigue with your intellect and surprise with an offbeat view on life. Wind man will never pay attention to your new hair-do, but he will be delighted with your yuck. Sometimes this thoughtful knight seems to be attracted only by inner shine. However, if he falls in love, you turn to be in a maelstrom of his sincere interest and attention to any small thing that concerns you.

Earth Man (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Earth men are accomplished materialists. Seeing is believing - that’s their slogan. However, if he decides the game is worth the candle any obstacles on the road to his goal will be removed immediately. Seducing an earth man for the sake of art is extremely irrationally. Solid Earthmen turn into wonderful husbands and excellent family men. So, forget about your vampire’s image, impetuous flirt and languid chatter at a merry party. Otherwise your admirer will try to avoid any close relationships with you in further. Earth man does not search for idle pleasures in a woman. He needs a decent soul mate - beautiful, strong, healthy, purposeful and thrifty. Show him above-mentioned qualities, and you will get his reliable hand and masculine heart instead.

Aqua Man (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

This gentleman is a professional tempter. His element - are wild emotional relationships. Aqua signs can add dazzling love heating even to passing fancies. Intimate relations with Aqua bring real sensual adventure, a trip to the world of refined emotions, bright sensations and mystic interpenetration. But the clock is striking and yesterday’s goddess can turn into a usual girlfriend in one moment, and splendid world into spangle. It’s very easy to captivate an “aqua” masher’s imagination, but it’s much more difficult to possess his heart. Besides, use of such victory is rather doubtful. We can only sympathize with an Aqua man’s spouse: she will have to make it up with his artistic way of living, disorder, constant evasion from family duties and huge quantity of mistresses. Although, regardless of fidgety character, Aqua man is a creature disposed to constancy. And if you don’t limit his precious freedom, you will be able to enjoy a refined love affair for years.

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