How To Seduce A Sleeping Woman

Picture it: you get home late from a hard day’s work and your girl’s already asleep, or you wake up first thing in the morning to go to work and you’re in the mood for sex. When you feel like getting it on but your girl is sleeping, what can you do?

Caution: Whichever way you decide to go about it, always gauge her reaction to your moves. If she seems disinterested, then don’t pursue it. This is not a scenario where too much persistence can be used. However, if you can wake her up slowly and comfortably, you stand a good chance of getting some sex.

Light candles in the room The flickering of candlelight might wake her calmly. It’ll be a nice surprise for her when she does. Another alternative could be to turn on some night lights.

Use aphrodisiacs

The above-mentioned candles could have a light vanilla scent or any aroma that is pleasing to the senses. This will fill the room with a pleasant scent that might wake her and put her in the mood.

Play soft music

Put on some soft music in the background. Not too loud, you don’t want to give her a rude awakening. Try something slow and bass-heavy with sensual vocals like Moby or Air; whatever she likes to listen to when she first wakes up.

Caress her stomach, legs & breasts

Caress her thighs, stomach and then move on to the breasts. You don’t want to start off by touching the breasts. Work your way towards them. Take your time; don’t rush any movement. Be delicate and slowly move to heavier petting.

Kiss her

Put your lips on her back, the back of her neck, her neck under her chin and her ear lobes. Use some discipline. No tongue action yet, just soft kisses. Then, gently kiss her lips. Women seem to really respond to this.

Play with her hair, whisper and slide your fingers to the right area…

Play with her hair

Run your hand through her hair softly. Play with it. Lightly massage her scalp. The sensation may serve to rouse her and prep her for what’s to come.

Whisper in her ear

Lean in and in a deep, soothing voice, tell her what’s on your mind. Don’t say anything too graphic. Keep your words romantic. Tell her that she’s sexy and you want to be inside her. If you’ve been with her for a while, hopefully you know what words to use to turn her on.

Slide her underwear off

Start by rubbing her pubic area over her underwear; if she responds in a positive manner (which includes moving her body into a more welcoming position, light moaning, etc.), place two fingers under the elastic and head toward her clitoris. Don’t head to the moist part of her vagina just yet; lightly rub the outer lips and then proceed to slide off her underwear. You need to do this at a snail’s pace.

Ride up on her

Press your front against her back, and touch your erect penis against her body so she can feel it. Then, contract it. Hold her from behind — “spooning” her — and keep contracting it every now and again. This should send a not-too-subtle message that you’re ready for love. She should respond.

Perform oral sex on her

First spread her vagina lips to expose her clitoris with your fingers. Then lightly lick it. Don’t lick it too hard until you’re certain she’s aroused. This will incite different reactions from different women. Be responsive to her. After you’ve gently licked her for a minute of so, start doing it a little harder and more conclusively.

Hormones build up overnight during sleep, which make some people quite horny during the night and/or first thing in the morning. However, things like morning breath and a.m. grumpiness turn some women off to morning sex. It’s up to you to know your partner and what she digs. Adapt as you go to her state of consciousness. It is not recommended to wake your woman during her “deep sleep.” She probably won’t be receptive to your sexual urges.

Whatever way you decide to go about it, gauge her reaction. And remember; if she keeps snoring, then stop.

Good luck.

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