How To Seduce A Woman-The Art Of Making Her Feel Unique

I find it interesting what phrases men use when they’re asking me for advice on how to seduce women. They predominantly fall into the “how to seduce women” camp or the “how to seduce a woman” camp. Now you may feel that the difference between the two phrases comes down to nothing more than semantics BUT there is a subtle difference in the psychology behind each of the questions.

When a man asks how he can “seduce women” his thoughts are usually along the lines of how he can go about securing multiple partners whereas someone interested in securing “a woman” is usually interested in just one woman (or at least one woman to start with!) Once again, you may be thinking semantics, but the point is that women can differentiate between the vibe given off by a man who is interested in “women” as opposed to a man who is interested in her as “a woman”.

There are two major principles that you need to adhere to when seducing a woman:

1.Make her feel good (and specifically feel good about herself) when she is with you and;
2.Make her feel unique.

Regardless of what tactics and techniques you employ when engaging with a woman the end result you’re looking to achieve is that she feels good whenever she’s around you. If you achieve that, then she will want to continue being around you and will start looking to ways in which she can intensify those good feelings i.e. she will want to have things taken into the physical realm.

But the point of this article is to focus more on the second point – which is about making her feel “unique”. I’ve seen a lot of guys who consider themselves to be players whose high energy approach can certainly engage a woman (or a group of women) but they do it in such a way that women quickly cotton onto the fact that they’re being “played”. Does that mean that these guys go home empty handed? No, but their hit rate would pick up if they also made sure that the woman they were wooing also felt incredibly unique as well.

Everyone – regardless of whether they’re a man or a woman – suspects that they’re unique at the core of their being. Taken to its extremes, this “uniqueness” will manifest itself as either loneliness or high self regard. Common sense would suggest that whenever you’re interacting with someone else you can either pick up on a point of difference about them and make them feel bad about it (by judging them) or make them feel good about it – by commenting favourably on that point of difference.

Now let’s tie this all back in to the subject at hand: seducing a woman.

What you have to be doing is make a woman feel both good AND unique. You can achieve both aims by commenting on some aspect of her appearance or her being that you simply haven’t found in any other woman. It doesn’t matter if this is true or not. What matters is that she feels that here is a guy who is savvy enough to pick up some unique aspect about her that all the other guys are missing. And what’s more, if you’ve noticed that particular aspect about her, she’ll be wanting to know what other favourable things you’ve noticed about her … and if she’s thinking that way, then she’s definitely going to want you to stick around.

You could call it the “princess” phenomenon: that part of every woman’s psyche that believes she has so much to give if only the right man would “discover” her. Regardless of whether your seductive intentions are short or long term: play on this phenomenon and make her feel as she’s “a woman” – the likes of which you haven’t come across before – and the rewards will come thick and fast.

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