How To Seduce The Woman In Your Life - The Right Way

Seducing the woman in your life shouldn't be about games or agendas, but genuine love and interest. Seduce the mind and heart and the body will follow. While women appreciate being physically desirable, most crave to be seen from the inside out. Expressing a genuine interest in "her", her feelings and thoughts is where seduction starts. The process of seduction should be slow, almost lyrical in build up - the last "line" leaving a lingering touch that makes you both long for the next time.

The Ways of Seduction

To seduce the woman in your life, you have to be in tune with what makes her tick, what works and what doesn't. She needs to know she is number one in your life. Your devotion is a seduction in itself.

Nothing draws me in more than having a glimpse into the soul by hearing someone sing to me or play the guitar or piano. You see a deeper part of the person that often isn't easily expressed through words. If you don't sing or play an instrument, put on a cd and show your romantic and sensual side as you slow dance.

Keep her in your daily thoughts. Knowing she is on your mind creates an intangible intimacy that longs for the tangible. Call to let her know she is on your mind. Leave notes with words of love or maybe a single rose on her pillow that speaks for itself.

Create mystery. Throughout the day give hugs and kisses, only a taste of what will come later. Paint the "vision" in her mind.

Friendship. Knowing my partner is my best friend, someone I can turn to and confide in, is very seductive. Be a best friend and your woman will be very appreciative.

Be confident, but not arrogant. Express a confidence that shows you have something wonderful to offer, something difficult to pass up.

Take care of your appearance. Showing you care about yourself shows you care about what she thinks. Try a new cologne or a new hairstyle. It adds a bit of intrigue.

Surprise her. Don't do the usual, but the unusual. Give her cards "just because". Cook a special candlelight dinner. Pamper her with a sensual massage. Help around the house. Seduction should be included in everyday life, in the simple things.

Be passionate about having her in your life. Be proud to introduce her to your friends and family. This brings her closer to you, naturally.

Humor. A good sense of humor is a huge plus to a woman. It shows a light-hearted and fun side.

Connect with a deep level of communication. Show your human side, your weaknesses, your willingness to open up your feelings. Show her who you are!

Be respectful, kind, supportive and loving in everyday life. Detachment kills any attempt at seduction.

What Doesn't Work

* Don't use tricks to seduce. Fake gestures are sensed strongly.
* Don't use corny lines. Women have heard them all. They aren't impressive.
* Don't go overboard with trying to impress. Be natural and be yourself
* Make her your goal, not an agenda for what you can gain from her.

Seduction starts outside of the bedroom. The blessing of having a loving and genuine man, a best friend, in a woman's life needs no force, nor agendas to bring her closer to you. It's something that should come naturally and from a genuine place. Ignite the flame and keep it burning!

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