How To Win A Woman Back And Seduce Her

So your relationship has taken a turn for the worst and you want to win your woman back or you have just heard the words "lets just be friends" or the popular phrase "I'm just not looking to meet anyone right now." You have spent countless hours seducing the woman and now you are standing alone on the street corner getting ready to head home to an empty bed. In a few short paragraphs you can turn your luck around and know how to seduce a woman.

A woman usually knows if she wants to sleep with you in the first few minutes of conversation. She may see something in your eyes or like what you are saying or find you attractive. Whatever the reason is there will be something that attracts her to you. You must find out what she finds attractive in a man and use this to seduce her. If she loves a man who enjoys a night dancing then you have two choices - The first choice is to take dance lessons, I don't know about you but I'm not inclined to change my lifestyle to suite hers just to be with her!. Although - this way you can wow her on the dance floor and off.

Now, the second choice allows for you to just be you and also be more aware of what she's telling you verbally and with her body language. Do you think that 'X' - Dancing in this case as not all women love to dance. Do you think that she loves the activity of 'dancing', Or is it maybe how it makes her feel? With a little practice, you can learn to evoke those feelings with you language and not your wallet, car, house, looks or fame. Find out what she thinks is sexy and use this to make her notice you.

Also, when you are trying to seduce and win a woman back you want to let her know how much you care. A woman loves to feel desired. She ultimately wants a man to pursue her and show how much he cares. A bad way to use the art of seduction is to send her flowers or jewelry or another type of present, because this only re-enforces her view of you as just another guy trying to win her over. But, if you can get her something that requires her to participate to have good feelings, those feelings will be attached to you.

Here's what I mean:

If she has always wanted a puppy then find out her favorite type of dog and surprise her with an adorable puppy with a bow attached to the collar. This will in most cases, have her thinking of you every time she's with the puppy, because there's a universal truth about attraction: The more someone does for you, the more attracted they will feel towards you. I know it sounds a little strange, try it and then you'll begin to notice that people are not as random as you may think. If she loves orchids then send her a special card from a secret admirer that leads her to a bouquet from her favorite florist. Show how much you care by being mysterious in order to seduce her. Mystery is a huge seducer and powerful tool in the art of seduction..

There is the alternative: If you want to win a woman back or seduce her you may want to become involved in something that she is interested in. If she is interested in volunteer work then find out where she volunteers and pitch in a few hours. She will find this cute and irresistible. One of the rules in the art of seduction is to show a genuine interest in the woman. By following these tips you will not only know how to win a woman back but you will know how to seduce a woman.

Success with women is not something everyone has, yet you can learn the art of seduction and how to seduce a woman the right way and even leave her better off then when you found her.

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