International Driving Law And Order For Hire A Car

International driver's license provided by the United Nations Convention on International Road Traffic of September 29, 1949 and from November 8 1968g.

The development of the auto industry and the public understand that the "car is not a luxury but a conveyance" led to a situation where Europe and other continents are moving hundreds of thousands of cars. But the language and other differences, including road signs, creating difficulties in the use of cars in other countries of its transportation, communication driver with the traffic police. International driving law designed to facilitate travel to foreign countries. Initially, they had a small book with a dozen pages long and explanatory text. They were then reduced to two pages and a hard cover. Now they have a little plastic card with a color photo and brief orientation of the owner. In many cases, international driver's license is recognized as a document of identity.

This United Nations Convention was signed by 53 countries. Entered into force it on May 21, 1977 Many countries have specific reservations and details on the Convention on its territory. Art. 41 of the Convention states that "each car must have a driving licence, to be issued only after verification by the competent authorities that the driver of the necessary knowledge and skills ..." "contracting parties recognize any permit drawn up in their national language or one of the national languages, or, if it is in itself, accompanied by a certified translation, valid on its territory for a car of the category management to issuing the permit, provided that the permit is valid and that it was issued by the other contracting party, or by an association approved by the contracting parties that ".

Driving licence can take cars for hire during the round trip. It should be noted that the pre-ordering machines, or tentatively in the round cheaper than arriving in the country. The best time of order-to 48 hours ahead and paying 100%.

In remanding the machine places certain requirements : age-at least 21 years, an international driver's licence and driving experience of more than two years. However, in some countries, age ranges, such as Austria and Germany, 19 years old, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, 20 years, Sweden 18 years, the United States and Canada-25 years. Specified and a driver's age-65 or 70 years. Gasoline always paid separately. Day rentals are 30 to $ 50 USA depending on the country, and the class of car rentals. Services for the delivery of the car to the airport to be paid separately.

Almost always account for rental cars is by credit card (Visa / Card, Master / Card). This further allows the identity of tourists and test its creditworthiness. Lending companies usually blocks on the card in the amount of $ 500-1000 USA, in the event of an accident with the car. Sometimes women give discounts up to 25%. The rent for more than 20 days, the next 10 days may be at a substantial discount, if not free. When taking the car places should carefully examine and consider the appearance inspection statement. Figure car to show all their injuries and bruising.

One of the day car rental ranges from 30 to 50 USD USA depending on the country, and the class of car rentals. In some countries, the cost of a small rental car, but it does not include insurance, so all small broken buses and other miscommunication ways have to pay separately for a total of knowingly exceed the overall average price.

Do not mention God, for example in the Muslim world, where traffic is often not there, but it all depends on God's will, get into a traffic accident, tourists will have to pay to drive past. In some countries not insured cases of thefts from vehicles (radios, tools, wheels), broken glass in entering into, it is therefore necessary to put the car on the night of the protected park.

In Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive under any circumstances, the violation of civil penalty. Another problem of this country-camels, roam freely on the road without paying attention to the sound and light signals, which clashes with the very frequent among foreign tourists who had cars for hire.

In Arab countries, local drivers, many of whom are high school students, are simply ignoring the signals lights, not bound by the rules of overtaking, do not recognize the signs, speed limit, every two to three hours on the road accident occurred in which people get killed. In some countries, a standard practice when the police not to go to special machines are signs traffic police, and ordinary cars, but equipped with television and photographic and other devices, which detect the violation. In Germany, all drivers strictly abide by the laws, including the rules of the road. Seeing a "Town", they immediately reduce speed to the mandatory 50 km / h. In some cases, unusual for that matter, foreigners do not have to press the brakes and "enter" in the German car slows down sharply.

In some countries, there are also unique. For example, the British left, the driver must be at least 21 years old and not older than 70 years, the rate in the city-to 30-48 km / h on motorways to 70 miles per hour (up to 115 km / h), the cheapest gasoline at the station "Jet"; Greece when drawing machines for hire must have a credit card or make major changes, and the driver's age to at least 21 years and to lease expensive cars are over 25 years old. The islands rent only motorcycle.

_________________________ M. Marinin. Tourist formalities and security in tourism. M. : "Finance and Statistics, 2002

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