Love Or Calculation?

I think not only I encountered such a vital phenomenon: Important issues come to us by chance. And then with startling urgency returned in talks with different people deduced sequences in books and movies, talk shows in the ring, insisting on its importance

Be or not to be?

This is, coincidentally, a conversation with forty colleagues before me have so compatibility Slavic mentality, with characteristics of time - the marriage contract. My companion, the father of eighteen son claimed that the marriage contract is unnecessary and even something for the future spouses precaution, because in this family all questions concerning the relationship of spouses, their property, must be addressed only from the perspective of love and decency. And I Thirty independent woman who married (or rather, in the divorce) has been that it would lose preferred that the marriage contract, I personally do not feel cynical precautions.

In full accordance with the scenario I described the marriage contract was my idea "intrusive". On television showed Coen Brothers film "The Unbearable brutality", which accused George Clooney played a successful lawyer in the divorce, in their first bitter experience proves the need for a marriage contract, then the absurdity of it and again the need. In talk shows at some of the domestic channels discussed grotesque Western marriage contracts, describing in detail the responsibilities of spouses in bed, the kitchen, in a supermarket, etc. My girlfriend, who recently married, bleak lamented that probably has been taken lightly, not entering into the marriage contract with her husband, because after marriage joint life was far from unique, as before.

Humbled inevitably, I decided to begin to explore views on the problem of young people 16-20 years of age. I visited many Internet forums, and even took part in the debate on the subject. Trying not to take into account the uncertainties unintelligible negative or positive feedback, I have identified several dominant positions. Girls often found themselves unable to "offending favorite mistrust" and claimed that "no contract is not necessary, if there is love." Boys more pragmatic, but also afraid of offending the bride and unwilling to take over from her parents, who insist that the contract itself.

So, then not all parents share a romantic position of my colleagues! When asked some of the older generation (45-60 years), I realized that even those who have lived in marriage long life without any contract would save favorite Chad (and assets) of the unpredictability of such old and treacherous marriage. And this position is for parents to press yesterday, and for mom and dad very adult "boys" and "girls" my age. The vast majority of my peers were nuptial and "FOR" the contract.

"Return my gifts! .. "

What is a marriage contract "in Ukrainian, to whom and why is it good for? He is very weak root on our soil since the beginning of 1990, when the institution of marriage contract was enshrined in the Ukraine, formally concluded a little more than two thousand such agreements.

Legally, the marriage contract is an agreement couple's decision property issues. This document, which should be concluded in writing and notarized assured, are all fundamental issues of joint and separate property and its section in divorce.

Note that the marriage contract is not invented crazy courts and lawyers for the Americans. Millennium ago, the ancient Greeks and Romans before marriage of the agreement, which regulated the use and inheritance jointly acquired property. With the advent of Christianity sanctified church marriage was almost inseparable, so the property ceased to interest spouses. And only at the beginning of the XIX century the so-called "marriage" secular simplifies the procedure of divorce, and therefore, raises property disputes ex-spouses and automatically restores the practice of marriage contracts. Now marriage contract is especially popular in countries where the welfare of potential spouses is high. In our country during the Soviet period and later, the contract was absolutely useless, as the couple had nothing to do especially in divorce, and if that was the Soviet-court rightly redistributed acquired all husband and wife in accordance with the strict Family Code. But, as they say, have different times.

Love is blind?

The very institution of marriage in contemporary Ukraine has changed significantly. Earlier marriages were predominantly young (20-25 years old) people. And the family could expect that the artistic lives of poor salaries and scholarships. Now marry or students under the care of parents secured (which notice does not want to their children after divorce spontaneous denied legitimate piece of space), or more mature people who are financially independent. We are gradually embracing the European scheme of family-marriage is seen as a logical and thoughtful step two of the individual, emotionally and economically "adult" people. In this age group (28-38 years old) are the most objective ready to marry men and women. They have in practice to assess their strength and dignity and earn capital. High demanding on themselves, without which it is not possible to build something to justify and highly demanding its potential partner. That is, love for them is a great feeling and a great, but not blind! And mutual respect is an integral part. A logical expression of mutual respect becomes a marriage contract, in which two people loving sign that their love egoistichna "no".

Of course, romantizirovannye compatriots dislikes meet this pragmatic innovation. It is said to the wedding blasphemous to think about how divorce would be safer, but we forget that harsh statistics-six of the ten new marriages in Ukraine fall. But most of them consisted of love!

Despite the sentiment, the marriage contract not to provoke a divorce, and keeps it. Each of the spouses really appreciated that he would lose in a divorce settlement, therefore, the percentage of casual divorce in the family, have signed a contract minimal. The myth is that the marriage contract governs intimate and interpersonal relationships spouses. "The Ukrainian version of the document" could not compel the husband to love his wife, not to drink, not to smoke and to walk with a child in the park-old wife and four children, home and furnace boat.

Add that, among other things, intelligently written marital agreement will protect you from dozens of marriage. Is it not worth wonder why half your potential as opposed to his signature? Or he prepared for you a unpleasant surprise after the wedding? As the saying goes, think and decide alone , but in the XIX century Austrian writer Moses Safir wisely noted that "Having lost love, and married notice the loss."

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