Make Him Condom-Crazy

Rubber - every man should be wearing it this season.

According to a recent survey, three in four men think wearing condoms inhibits pleasure while having sex. "A feeble excuse," says Dr Patrick French, a consultant in sexual health at UCLH in London. "There's no doubt the risk of gonorrhoea, chlamydia, HIV or an unwanted pregnancy will inhibit your pleasure even more." So in celebration of National Condom Week, starting on 8 May, we reveal Cosmo's five favourite condom incentives.

Rubber-up Reason #1: They make him last longer

Condoms only desensitise his penis a tiny bit, but it's enough to prolong his erection so he's less likely to ejaculate prematurely. If he wants you to enjoy sex, he'll wear one.

Rubber-up Reason #2: Condoms are your final ‘should-I-be-doing-this?' check

Slipping on a condom shows he cares about your health. If he couldn't give a monkey's about that then the chances of him caring about your orgasm aren't very high either.

Rubber-up Reason #3: They're packaged in lube and ready for action

That little bit of lubrication makes sex more comfortable for both of you. In fact, many men say using condoms means they experience less soreness after a session.

Rubber-up Reason #4: They make your me-me-me years last longer

Condoms are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. They provide excellent back-up for other birth control methods like the Pill which 99% effective... as long as you remember to take it.

Rubber-up Reason #5: Condoms save you a trip to the clinic

Using these STI-saviours means you only have a minimal chance of catching chlamydia, gonorrhoea and HIV, which can affect your fertility and your life. If you've had unprotected sex with a partner you don't know for sure is STI-free, you both need to get checked out.

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